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The health benefits it has to offer gives you a good reason to purchase pure natural coconut milk. When you purchase online, you receive fresh, pure natural coconut water.  For how many days it remains fresh? Does 100% pure coconut water go bad? Coconut water lasts quite a long time even if you have opened the bottle. However, you need to store your coconut water bottles properly. Storing coconut water Storing coconut water requires a cool and dry space. You can store it in a kitchen cabinet or the pantry. This beverage consists of coconut-derived sugar and water. If you have not opened the bottle, this shelf-stable coconut by-product does not go bad easily.  However, do not expose your coconut water bottles to sources of heat and sunlight. In case you have opened the bottle, store it in your refrigerator. Similarly, if you have obtained the water from the coconut fruit, keep the water in the refrigerator. You can drink it chilled or bring it to room temperature. Freezing coconut water Can you freeze it? This question is important yet rarely asked. Considering the long shelf life, you don’t need to freeze unopened coconut water bottles. In case you cannot finish an opened bottle within a few days, you can freeze it.  However, it will not taste good after thawing. Therefore, instead of freezing it, share it with someone or discard it. Still, if you want to freeze it, keep in mind that the water expands once frozen. Therefore, leave some space in the container. When does coconut water go bad Every coconut water bottle comes with a best-by date on the label. However, if you do not open the bottle, it can last a few days past that date. You cannot determine exactly how long coconut water will last.  However, the taste and quality of the water begin to decline after you open the bottle. Therefore, it is advised to drink your natural coconut water within 3 to 5 days after opening the bottle. Has it gone bad When you open a coconut or coconut water bottle, it gives you a pleasant, sweet aroma. Its refreshing nutty taste is highly admirable. When it goes bad, its appearance, color and smell are changed. If the water has a thick consistency and a strong smell, discard it. If it shows signs of carbonation, you should not drink it. The water is likely to be safe to drink if consistency and smell are perfectly fine. Taste it and if you notice that the flavor is changed, discard it. If the taste is also perfect, you can get the benefits of drinking pure coconut water.  Don’t keep an opened coconut or coconut water bottle at room temperature for more than one day. You can keep it in your refrigerator for a few weeks. After that, coconut water may not be safe to drink. There is a risk of foodborne illness. When you purchase a coconut water bottle online, make sure that you can see the best-by date on the label.

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