Anything you ingest, whether in vapor or smoke form affects your body. The fact that many athletes from soccer stars to MMA fighters are vaping is no longer a secret. The assumption has been that athletes do not engage in habits that can affect their health negatively. However, this is not true. Barkley and Jordan are examples of athletes that loved cigars while Alex Rodriguez had chewing tobacco wad in mouth all the time.

Today, it’s not surprising to find an athlete with a trendy vape mod in his bag. The major theory of why athletes smoke or vape is to get nicotine. Nicotine is a stimulant that is believed to affect athletic performance positively. Although some athletes may not smoke, they can look for other ways to ingest nicotine into their bodies including vaping.

The study reveals that nicotine use among professional or elite athletes is very high especially in ice-hockey, baseball, and other winter and strength-based sports. Team sports athletes are the leading users of nicotine while endurance athletes are the least users. This can be attributed to the effects of vaping on athletic performance which include the following.

Improved Cardio Performance

Vaping can affect cardio exercise. Essentially, vaping has the potential to improve cardio performance including the ability to keep running longer. However, few reports are showing that vaping enables athletes in strength training to lift heavier loads. Nevertheless, athletes have reported short breath that impacts their performance negatively when they vape a few hours before the workout.

Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

This is a major reason why all in one vape mod and other vaping products are popular among athletes. Experts reveal that vapers cope with anxiety and depression better than people who do not vape. This can be attributed to the fact that vaping calms down a person while providing a satisfying experience. Athletes are supposed to avoid distractions during the workout so that they can focus on enhancing performance. As such, vaping helps athletes overcome anxiety and depression which can derail their progress and even force them to give up on athletics.

Quit Smoking

Many athletes become smoking addicts when trying to get nicotine and its benefits. In fact, media reports indicate high use of nicotine in sports with half of the elite athletes using nicotine. These believe that it helps them control body weight, improve attention, enhance concentration, and prevent a dry mouth.

Unfortunately, smoking has made many athletes addicts. Eventually, athletes struggle to quit smoking due to its negative effects on their health. They keep puffing even though they hate it. To enhance their chances of success, they turn to vape which makes things easier for them.

Media reports show that there is a piling up evidence showing that vaping is safer than smoking. There are also claims that vaping helps smokers quit the habit. Athletes, therefore, turn to vape as a way to eventually quit smoking which affects their performance negatively.

What Science Says about Vaping Effects on Athletic Performance

It’s true that finding the best all in one vape mod in the bags of many athletes is easy these days. However, vaping is a practice that is relatively new when compared to smoking which athletes do to get nicotine dose too. Currently, the possible negative effects of vaping on athletic performance are not known. That’s because there is little research that has been conducted on this topic. What’s more, the concluded studies reveal controversial results. Researchers give different and drastically varying views on the effects of vaping on athletic performance.

For instance, the Public Health England reported that vaping is less damaging than tobacco smoking. In fact, theBritish Medical Association reported that e-cigarettes are a positive choice for a smoker that is trying to quit. However, some researchers say that long-term vaping is capable of causing hearth and respiratory problems that can affect athlete vapers negatively.

Additionally, researchers are in dispute regarding both the positive and negative long-term effects of vaping on athletic performance. For instance, some researchers say that vaping for 30 minutes has the same negative impact with smoking for five minutes.

However, other researchers have disputed this on the basis that no dedicated athlete can vape for half an hour nonstop knowing that positive effects of nicotine are best achieved with minimal vaping.

Why Are Athletes Still Vaping?

There are many reasons why all in one mods are still finding their way into the bags of modern athletes in addition to helping smoking athlete quit and boost energy level and health. Currently, the market has vaping gadgets that allow athletes to control the nicotine amount that they consume.

The market has e-juices whose nicotine amount is clearly indicated. Some of them are nicotine free with compounds that enhance athletes’ experience. Many athletes are turning to vape instead of smoking to avoid the negative effects of tobacco such as exposure to tar which can lead to heart problems. Vaping carefully chosen e juices enables athletes to revamp athletic performance while cleaning their bodies.

Athletes are turning to vape as a way to wean their bodies off nicotine and other addictive substances. Essentially, vaping provides a transition that prepares the lungs to stop nicotine consumption, and with time, the body gets rid of the tar that may have accumulated in the body. In several weeks of vaping, athletes report a better feeling and improved breathing. That’s because their lungs start working better and this is great for athletic performance and endurance.

The Bottom Line

Medical professionals advise elite or professional athletes to avoid habits that can affect their performance. This includes smoking which some athletes use to get nicotine. However, there are many resources with information that depicts vaping as a safer alternative when it comes to both health and athletic performance. Although some athletes have reported a positive impact of vaping on athletic performance, the risk that vaping has on athletes remains unknown. Nevertheless, athletes can control their nicotine consumption by choosing the e juices that they vape carefully.

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