Vapes have not been around for very long. Especially because cigarettes have been around for thousands of years in form or the other. So, when such a phenomenon of technological innovation enters into an existing conventional setup, there are always questions that arise. These questions, in the case of vapes, maybe allowing the lines of how much is cigarette different from vaping or questions of hookah vs. vaping.

Answering all these questions is essential to raise awareness in the society not only about the benefits of the technological advancement in the field but also about the harms that traditional instruments (cigarettes) bring to the game. So, many vape campaigns revolved along the lines of introducing better methods of nicotine intake than cigarettes, cigars, hookahs and so on.

As a non-vaper, however, there are always questions in your mind. Here are the answers to the five most typical issues that non-vapers ask:

Is it less harmful than cigarettes?

For many years now debates such as cigarettes vs. vaping and hookah vs. vaping have raged on they will continue to rage on, but the truth of the matter is that when it comes to health, vapes will always prove to be a better option.

Are vapes less harmful than cigarettes? This is by far the most common question that you will get to hear with regards to vaping. You will even find regular vapers asking this question. You see, the entire controversy behind this question is the fact that the whole campaign for vaping is based on this one fact that vapes are indeed less harmful than cigarettes. So, when vapers buy vaping accessories, they start to think that the campaign is just a way to attract consumer base.

The campaign is not a lie. Several types of research point to the fact that cigarettes are very harmful and lead to severe complications for smokers in later life. On the other hand, although there are no researches that prove vapes are entirely unharmful, they do prove that vapes are considerably less harmful than cigarettes and lead to no severe health complications. This is because cigarettes contain hazardous material such as tar and carcinogenic metallic compounds that are extremely harmful to human health.

Can it help kill smoking addiction?

The most significant problem with beating cigarettes is that they are so addictive. When you get addicted to something like cigarettes, the solution is not just to cut off the source immediately as this would lead to severe headaches and affect your health further. The better way to go about this problem is to lower the intake gradually so that no severe complications occur.

This eventuality is made possible through the fact that vapes allow flexibility regarding nicotine strength. This means that you can gradually lower it and eventually just let go. This is the proper way to go about ending the addiction that smoking causes while minimizing any harm on the way.

How does vaping work?

Since vaping is not as simple as just lighting the cigarette and inhaling the smoke through a filter, there is a lot of complex circuitry that goes into the art of vaping. Unlike cigarettes that have always revolved around light and inhale process, vaping has seen several innovations throughout its journey to the top. The vape technology is still undergoing several changes, and it is becoming better and better every day.

The most simple vaping kit functions with the help of batteries and coils. The battery (usually rechargeable 18650 cells) is used to provide power to the vaping kit, and upon connection with the coils, it heats up the coils. The heated up coil then warms up the e-liquid in the tank or that is directly poured onto the coils, and this produces the flavored vapors. Now you know.

What is inside an e-liquid?

The e-liquid is the main component of any vaping experience. With thousands of flavors circulating in the market, it is easy to get lost with what is what. But, at the most basic level, each e-liquid consists of 4 main components. These are Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Nicotine and flavor.

The PG and VG are usually mixed in certain ratios. The VG handles the cloud production, while the PG controls the flavor richness. When combined, they will give birth to a unique combination of Cloud production and flavor richness. Getting these ratios wrong might even lead to throat hit.

Can I vape without any nicotine?

Yes. Yes, you can. This is one of the most critical questions in the cigarette vs. Vaping and hookah vs. vaping debates. Neither cigarettes nor hookahs will allow you the liberty to smoke entirely without nicotine. This specialty of vapes will enable them to gain a consumer base much more significant than cigarettes or hookahs, and this is what makes it possible for people to enjoy the smoke without being exposed to nicotine.

Author’s Bio: Gloria Stokes is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger. She loves to engage with readers who are seeking health, fitness and lifestyle-related information on the internet. Currently, she is associated with World Wide Vape, the largest wholesale vaping supplier and distributor in the United States.

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