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Don’t Hate, Alexa Bliss Is The Perfect RAW Women’s Champ

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Many have argued that Alexa Bliss isn’t a quality Women’s Champion. That’s about as far from the truth as you can get. She’s been the perfect choice in her title reigns on both RAW and Smackdown. It’s just puzzling as to why so many feel the need to say she isn’t worthy.

We’ve seen the RAW women’s title get passed around many times. Over the course of a year Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Bayley have held the belt more times than you can count. Why isn’t the WWE Universe ecstatic that they’ve finally got a champ that hasn’t dropped the belt for a month?

Bliss might not be the best at cutting a promo ( The “this is your life” segment being proof of that), but she’s been able to get a strong reaction from the crowd. Her in-ring work has improved so much since her days on NXT. Quite frankly, she’s been just as good as champ as Sasha or Charlotte.

So why all the hate from the supposed, “internet marks”, of the WWE Universe? For starters, Bliss is not Sasha or Bayley. The Universe wants someone such as Banks to hold the title. Bayley has been buried by the writing staff, and her title reign just didn’t feel right, but with the right booking she fan get herself on track.

Yet, Banks and Bayley aren’t the only options to unseat Bliss. You’ve got Nia Jax, Emma, Mickie James, and others that could win the title off of Bliss. The only issue is that none of those women wil draw. That’s why it’s surprising Alexa Bliss has gotten so far with the women’s title.

Looking at Smackdown Live, Naomi has been selling a ton of merchandise for WWE, and is the biggest female draw on the show. On RAW, it’s apparent that Sasha and Bayley are both bigger draws than Bliss. Of course, you can’t have the two of them play hot potato with the belt like with Sasha and Charlotte, but giving them the belt could increase ratings.

Although, while having a more popular wrestler carry the women’s title might draw more, Bliss has been quite the champ. She still sells merch, plays the role of heel very well, and isn’t a bad worker inside the ring. The keyboard warriors are the ones that want to see her lose the title. And to be honest, they’ve got no real case.

Regardless of whether or not Sasha or Bayley might draw better as champ, Bliss has done just everything right during her title run. Unless WWE feels the need to take the title off of her ( which they might do at Summerslam), Alexa Bliss should remain champ. There is absolutely no reason to pull the trigger on giving the belt to someone else.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Hate, Alexa Bliss Is The Perfect RAW Women’s Champ

  1. Sasha is light years better and more over than Alexa ever will be. Alexa can get better in the ring all she wants and try really hard, but she’ll never even come close to Sasha’s natural talent and skill. The only reason Sasha has never been given her due and the proper title run she’s earned and deserves is because of a 1 senile out of touch old man.

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