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The breast implant is the procedure or prosthesis used to modify and change an individual’s breasts’ shape, contour, and size. Through breast augmentation using implants, women can achieve enhanced and desired natural curves to feel much feminine and confident. 

Many women across the world undergo this surgery. As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), around 300,000 women choose to undergo breast augmentation using implant surgery in a year. But in recent years, an alarmingly huge number of women reported some serious, problematic, and inexplicable symptoms and side effects after they went through breast augmentation surgery. 

With an increasing number of surgeries and requests for breast implants and explant surgery, women have raised concerns about gruesome side effects and breast implant illness (BII) following the surgeries. BII or breast implant illness, sometimes also referred to as autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome, do doctors and women use a term to refer to women’s symptoms after undergoing breast implant surgery.

Dr. Cat Begovic, a well-known plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, recently shared in her blog that BII does not affect women who undergo a particular implant, but it is found to affect women who get any kind of implant, be it saline, silicone, textured surface, smooth surface, teardrop-shaped (gummy bear), or round. 

While some women experience the symptoms immediately following the surgery, it takes years for others to develop the symptoms. Dr. Cat shared that no two women experience or develop similar syndromes, making BII even more complex and challenging to understand.       

Dr. Cat has performed several breast augmentation surgeries and receives countless questions and concerns regarding the chances of developing BII after going through breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Cat is very aware of this critical concern women face, even though none of her previous patients have developed any BII symptoms. Dr. Cat proactively tries to disseminate and talk about the BII awareness on her social media platforms and website. She investigates and researches the FDA, scientific studies and talks with people who the BII and their individual experience directly impacted. 

There are limited and not many published papers, research, or literature related to BII. This is why Dr. Cat suggests women consult women’s health support groups and BII advocacy if they are suffering or experiencing BII. Support groups help women to stay informed about the BII’s origin from women who went through it or experienced it. Women will also stay abreast and learn about the ongoing and upcoming medical community development. These resources recommended by Dr. Cat help patients and other women make the right and informed decisions for their body image and their overall health. 

Dr. Cat strives to provide an open platform to women each day and try to be inclusive of each and every voice by building and believing in a community that openly and candidly talks about BII and breast augmentation surgery. There is power in numbers, and women feel supported when there is a boost in BII awareness.

To learn more about BII and Dr. Cat’s take on it, you can read her article on BII on her website. She has very precisely and in-depth explained breast implant illness, how to identify if you have it, look out for its symptoms, and its surgical options. 

Dr. Cat has also linked a few Instagram handles and resources to find help and relevant information regarding BII.

With the increasing BII cases and limited resources, there is an increasing need to spread awareness regarding BII, and thanks to Dr. Cat, who is making every effort to do so. 

To learn more about her journey as a plastic surgeon, visit her website  

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