Hey guys today. We’re going to be creating this hair look I love wearing my hair chic and sleek And I’ve been able to do it a lot more because of this bad boy right here So this is the ovation cell therapy hair and scalp treatment now. It’s actually so funny that they wanted to partner with me in any vedio because I’d already been using it and I had actually Been telling my friend care about it because we were both almost ruggle bus of like thinning hair and damaged hair. I don’t even know what’s happening to mind? My hair was legit falling out and then her hair her hair size like Low-key No, shade accidentally sent out her hair so we were both Kind of like dude Why is our hair so thin so like I said I started using this I had already been telling her about it And then they wanted to partner in the video, so it was like.

Start with a simple technique:

Let’s do it because I want to tell everybody about it because it actually is a bomb product So if you want to learn how I got this hair look how I get my hair to look very shiny very soft very Silky and how it has like literally no damage, then just click here and stay  tuned. I just washed my hair I just let it air dry, but as far as shampoo and conditioner go honestly There’s not one specific brand or products that I stick with I kind of just use whatever’s around me just because I haven’t Honestly found anything that I would highly recommend to you guys that I’m like oh my God This is life-changing this helps my hair so much I kind of feel like Anything and everything I use just kind of works the same, but with any shampoo and conditioner I use I do always go in with the ovation self therapy here in scalp treatments.

Step 1:

So I’ll shampoo first then I’ll side this I’ll leave it on for about five minutes And then I will condition and I’m telling you guys my hair has never felt shinier Stronger longer more voluminous. I have less static. I have less fly away, I have also just like less damage in general like less split ends Which is why I was telling Kyra this in the first place like because I feel like it really has helped me maintain my hair But also help it grow thicker and stronger I do think that anybody and everybody could Benefit from this regardless of your hair type or the condition of your hair and just feel like it will help you achieve healthier stronger and Longer Hair and supposedly it helps reduce breakage by over 80% within the first youth using this for about Honestly a while over a month like I would say four to six weeks somewhere around that range And I really have seen a difference in my hair. I just honestly I’ve never seen my hair was better Which is surprising because one I’ve been growing it out for so long I had cut my hair up to here at one point I know crazy times, but I come on hair really short So I’ve been growing about since then which honestly it should be a lot more damage just from that alone because it’s so like I’ve been growing it out for years now, but The other thing is I just recently dyed my hair And I thought that it would be more down from that as well, and I have no damage whatsoever So it is highly recommend for you guys.

Step 2:

So once we’re done with this, once my hair’s air dried like I said I’ve been my case my hair takes a while to air dry honestly I feel like It’s taken like one to two hours. They’re dry Just because it’s so long now, but then I’ll go in with this product right here, so this is the ag smooth Firewall this product is Amazing because one it’s a heat protectant so again We’re really trying to stay away from the damaged hair especially if you are trying to grow your hair out damage can be detrimental So this really helps to you know put a pause on that damaged say bye-bye to the damaged And it also has argon oil in it so it makes your hair look really shiny and Honestly this already makes your hair look shiny to begin with like I just don’t have this in yet And I my hair’s already pretty shiny But with this who? You’re going to be you’re going to be glowing your hair is going to be glowing you know so I just like to go ahead And spray a good amount I kind of spray it everywhere in the hair and you can see again that adds a lot of shine and it makes your hair feel really silky as well not to mention so I do kind of Concentrate the product a bit at the ends low And then I’ll kind of work it through my hair to get to the top I don’t put it too much right here in the roots.

  • Just because I don’t want my hair to look too, oily or greasy. Especially since I just washed it, but at the roots I mean sorry at the end and through the middle of the hair this stuff is bomb then at this point. I actually go ahead and section off the top part of my hair whoa it is going to soft and smooth right now. I’m not going to lie so I section it off and just put up with like a little clip like there You can’t really see it, but there you go then it’s time to pick up your flat iron this implement I always use it’s the Enzi Milano Glow three professional Flat iron, but I will say that it actually is a good flat iron. I like it because it does have settings on it.  If you can see  it has like heat settings on it but not only that I actually feel like it does help protect the hair so whatever thing when we got swindled the Salesperson was literally like it won’t damage your hair.
  • It uses steam blah blah, and then like all these other random things that when we got home we were kind of like is that true like? There are a lot of other claims I don’t even remember them honestly, but I do feel like it doesn’t really damage my hair especially for a hot tool. So I’m pretty happy with it. Not going to lie even though. I was like a little pricey was like a hundred bucks, but okay, I talked them down from 300 so we golden on that aspect And I just kind of go at it starting from the back section moving my way forward and I take about one-inch sections of hair and Go freely.

  • I would say spend about five to ten seconds each little section of hair if you do have a Curlier hair or hair with a little bit more texture, you may want to go over each of the sections more than once maybe two or three times depending on the heat of your curling? What tool or also just depending on the thickness of your hair then we can move to this little top section right here. We’ve already made our part so that little parts taken care of already and again you just kind of want to work from the back to the front going over about One-Inch section and then once you get to the front section right here, I do this part a little bit differently.


I actually take the hair at the root and I straighten it to the opposite side so add in a diagonal and then it gives us a really nice shape to the face here, especially if you have a round face like me I feel like this just kind of frames the face the best as far as when you’re wearing your hair straight And you can see it does really make a difference in the way the hair looks and feels it just feels very shiny very silky very soft even For somebody who naturally has like pretty straight hair. I feel like you can see a difference between this side, so I think if you have curly hair or more textured hair, It’s going to make such a huge difference if you go through this kind of routine and make sure that there’s not too much damage in your hair because that can really make or break a hair style or hair Look, especially when you’re going for something. That’s very straight So I’m going to go ahead and do the other side real quick at this point obviously this guy’s limit, you can wear your hair just like this, and I feel like it looks a very chic and sleek and costly very Kym Case you know like I feel like it’s very just exactly where’s that Chic Sleek long. It’s shiny I hope this helps you guys you know you a lot. So If you guys want to learn more hair tutorials click here.

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