External Awnings

Taking care of the blinds and awnings of your place is a very vital task. You need to ensure good maintenance of the external Blinds & Awnings of your home so that they look beautiful and new for long. You only need to keep the fabrics clean so that they look good and add beauty to your indoors. The most common issue which comes up is the general stains and growth of molds that develop on the blinds over time.

These issues are inevitable and cannot be controlled, as the outdoor fabric is susceptible to get stained due to natural elements. However, you need to be prompt and attentive about these stains and avoid degrading. If you try getting them mended within a short period of time, you will not have to worry about its degradation.

Here are a few top ideas which you can make use of to clean and increase the life of your external blinds and awnings:

External Blinds

  • Using the process of mild brushing

If you have installed on-screen mesh blinds at your place, you can try the method of mild brushing to clean them. Brushing with a brush having a soft bristle helps a lot to clean the dust and dirt which has settled on the surface. You can also try hosting for removal of all sorts of debris which might have got stuck or settled within the fabric weave.

  • Avoid using detergents or chemical products

Try not to use detergents or cleaning fluids, or any such chemical products for cleaning the surface of the external Blinds & Awnings. It is because these products indirectly lead to the depletion of the surface. So, it is recommended not to use these chemical products, as it will affect the fabric quality as well as void the warranty of the product.

  • Keep away all sorts of inflammable products

It is advised to keep petrol, oil, kerosene or any other type of inflammable products away from the fabric. It is because these products can cause serious harm to the material quality.

  • Try to keep the blinds safe

The users are advised to ensure that the external Blinds & Awnings do not come in contact with bird droppings, soil or any sort of bio-matter. It is because these things cause a stain on the fabric which does not go easily. So, it is suggested to keep the external awnings safe from all these things.

How to Remove Stains?

In the case of external Blinds and Awnings, wet stains should be treated immediately by rinsing with cold water. If the stain still stays, you can gently wash the surface using mild soap and warm water. After it, you can rinse it thoroughly using clean water. It is recommended not to use high-pressure hoses while rinsing.

Gentle rubbing or brushing with a soft bristled brush or a sponge can be a good choice. Harsh scrubbing should be avoided, as it tends to damage the surface of the fabric coating, leading to a decline in the material quality. It is important that after washing it, you should leave the fabric to dry up naturally. The blind must not be rolled up immediately or stowed away when wet, because it leads to the growth of mold and damage to the fabric material.

With regular clean-up, you can prevent accumulation of dirt and dust or mildew build-up on your blinds. This helps in keeping your external Blinds and Awnings in good condition, which will, in turn, provide you perfect and most beautiful outdoor as per your requirements.

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