Your customers are always seeking out more value. Now that many of them are working from home, they want to find better businesses to work and partner with than ever before. Be that business by offering exceptional service and great value. You don’t need to drop your prices down to unsustainable levels, but you do need to prove your rates and make them feel wonderful for choosing you over your competitor.

Here are just a few ways you can provide your customers with this value, but do note that you will need to workshop these ideas to make them into your own to see the greatest results:


Improve Communications

Customers want to be heard, even if you cannot immediately get back to their request. A good way to do this is either with automated responses or with a full-scale solution that will allow your customers to see when you will get to their customer service ticket. Being able to check in on when they can expect you to get back works wonders.


Improve Service Management

Improving service management is key when it comes to providing customers with value. Even if they are working from home, you don’t want your customers to be left wondering when your representative is going to arrive. Being specific is how you can. Help them manage their own schedule by providing them with live updates and fast service, two things you can do easily with service dispatch software.


Diversify Your Income Streams

Sticking to one income stream is a mistake. It is also not how you encourage loyal, repeat business. Offer multiple ways for your customers to connect with your business and spend their money with you, and you also offer them value. If you are a bakery or a restaurant, for example, offer at-home food kits or digital cooking classes. If you are a boutique or clothing store, you could offer clothes subscriptions that allow customers to try on clothes in their own time and send back what they don’t like. You can then professionally steam them to sanitize them so that neither your employees nor customers have to put themselves at risk.


Collaborate with Other Small Businesses

A great way to add more value is to collaborate with other small businesses in your area or even other artists. If you are that restaurant, you can work to sell hand-made plates and other crockery from nearby artists. You get a small commission for each sale, and in turn, you can support your community and become a multi-faceted business that customers want to return to again and again.

Use Personalization

Always aim to use personalization. Make sure you have their permission and use their information to improve your service. A handwritten note that thanks them for their order with their name that goes along with their delivery is powerful. Training your delivery team on customer service will make a world of difference. Make your business feel like a personal friend, and you have a loyal customer.


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