We all know the economy is in a very questionable state right now, and unfortunately for everybody, their neighbors, and their neighbor’s dog, nobody is quite sure as to when anything is going to improve. So, putting that miserable and somewhat stressful thought to the side, it is best for us to take a look at the business sectors that are still coming into their own, and are looking to still see an increase in progress and success despite our current situation.

For those who have had a financial scare this year (which will be the majority of us no doubt), you would be forgiven for being apprehensive about investing or spending money on a business venture, but if we look into the near future, it is not too hard to see which sectors will continue to thrive, even in a pandemic.

So, this piece will look at some of the business sectors which are still thriving, and how you can get in on a piece of the action.

Online Grocery Shopping

Online grocery shopping started out as a means of getting food to people who were unable to do their regular shop for whatever reason, offering convenient times and forgoing the need to carry all of the shopping bags from the car to the house in one trip. However, this year, online grocery shopping has been somewhat of a life saver for many of us who have been isolating, who have been unable to leave the house, or who have been seriously ill.

Because of the current pandemic, many of us had to stay at home regardless of whether we were unwell or not, and taking this all into consideration, it would not be an overstatement to suggest that these factors have in fact impacted and changed the way we will shop for groceries in the future, too. Not only do we not know how long this pandemic will be in our lives for, but online grocery shopping may have shown us the luxurious side of not having to leave the house to pick up weekly food items.


Vaping became a significant trend in the western world long before the pandemic kicked off; however, due to the recent worry of illness, those who have wanted to quit smoking has increased dramatically. Not only were we cursed with a bug that attacks our lungs, but the worryingly intense effect it has had on the healthcare system is enough to scare you straight into a green smoothie.

The vaping industry is showing no signs of slowing down, especially as people become more health conscious. Not to mention the fact that vaping is twice as likely to help smokers quit than other resources such as gum and patches.

Though we might not put it past the world anymore, it would be somewhat shocking if smoking was ever endorsed again, and slowly but surely, more people are thinking about kicking in the habit for their greater good. Because of this, it is a great time to look into owning a vaping franchise, such as this one from South West based Superior Vapour, who offers high-quality products in a variety of styles and modifications to suit anyone’s needs.

Vaping will continue to grow in popularity as people make better choices for their health (and their wallet).

Sustainable Customer Goods

On top of the current global pandemic, there are still lingering global issues such as the sustainability of plastic. The war declared on straws is not over, and as we move into a new age which contains less plastic, businesses are catching on to the fact that their customers are getting particularly savvy when it comes to biodegradable packaging and products.

If the stream of Instagram comments beneath products that include statements such as, “Why all this plastic?”, is anything to go by, it will be more and more difficult for businesses to ignore. And customers are starting to hold their beloved brands accountable for their environmental choices.

Gender Neutral Products

Long gone are the days when women bought only pink razors and men got blue razors which were not only sharper, but cheaper too. With the dramatic and much-needed shift we have seen in society over how we view others associated with gender, businesses which put the product first and market to a customer as a whole are getting extra brownie points for their acknowledgment. This is a developing trend which is expected to grow as we all become tired of being put in stereotypical boxes.



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