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Eco/Green: Important Things to Know About Plastic Bag Printing

Printing the brand logo or a quirky statement signifying the importance of the product that the customer just bought gives an instant zing to the customer, compelling them to choose the product over the competition. But from the company’s point of view, brand recognition isn’t the only thing that matters for plastic bag printing.

While the use of plastics is often frowned upon, it’s worth noting that specific printing methods don’t lead to significant damage to the environment. The following are some of the most environment-friendly printing methods that companies should be aware of.

Post printing

In this printing technique, you will have to supply the plastic bags and one bag will be printed at a time. You will be able to work with only two colours in this process. Moreover, you will have to very selective with colour-selection. Light colours don’t go well with dark plastic bags in this printing method. Most importantly, the sharpness of the images and the fonts are very average and not of high standards.

Flexographic printing

This is one of the most popular methods of plastic bag printing that allows you to print both images and words together. The printing plates are flexible and mounted on a steel cylinder to provide the correct diameter. Flexographic printing has been in high demand because it can print hundreds of plastic bags in a short time. The plate of the printer is inked with the desired color and image and the same is printed on the surface of the plastic bag. Since you have the power to print both image and words, you boost your chances of grabbing the attention of your target audience.

Hot stamping

As the name suggests, the process involves stamping of a foil instead of ink on the plastic bag. You will be limited to using two colours only in this process. The glittery font that you often see on plastic bags is achieved by hot stamping. A major disadvantage of this printing method is that you have to provide finished plastic bags and the machine will stamp one bag at a time, which means the process isn’t as fast compared to the others.

Printing and converting

This is the second popular printing method on plastic bags where a plastic roll is sent through a printing press with the image art and colours already predefined. The machine will run, and the printer will keep printing on the surface and the bags will automatically cut, get merged, and sealed into a complete plastic bag. It is a quick method of printing plastic bags as more than 3000 bags can be printed in a short period.

It is essential to know the different plastic bag printing methods that don’t only produce high-quality plastic bags, but ones that don’t contribute to the environment’s deterioration. Flexographic printing and print and convert prove to be the best choices for high-quality plastic bags, and these two options also happen to be the most efficient on environmental resources.

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