Electric mountain bikes

The most suitable for mountain rides are mountain eBikes, obviously. Also, they give you a sheer adrenaline rush on every turn and decline ‒ these moments are something to live for. You need something powerful and resilient.

Here’s your short guide on how to go on a perfect and safe mountain ride.

First things you need to do

The first thing you should do is thorough planning. Plan your route, starting from defining a trail and your ride there. You might want to check with local electric bike regulations, especially if your trail goes through one of the National parks ‒ these might have regulations different from state’s ones.

Also, consider the fact that your riding style will be altered. You have to be ready for this. First of all, you’re definitely going to use the pedal-assist system. E-MTB bikes have improved torque that allows you to pedal easier even during challenging inclines. Sure, you can try riding without any assistance, but don’t forget ‒ electric bikes weigh definitely more than regular ones. Most likely, you’ll need assistance from the motor.

We recommend you to use the PAS system only for short periods of time ‒ this way, you’ll save your battery from discharging fast. 

How to prepare your eBike

You have to remember that taking a ride in the mountains is different from other terrains (we’ll elaborate further on that). Knowing that you should run through a checklist to make sure you’re ready to go.

  1. Check your brakes. Braking is a big deal during mountain rides, and you want to ensure your brakes are fully operational. If you feel like something is wrong with them, don’t hesitate to visit any eBike service to see what’s going on.
  2. Charge your eBike to the full. Mountain rides are not easy, and the battery powers your much-needed assistance. If the charge goes low at an unpredictable point of your trip, getting back might be tricky.
  3. Check your tires. Ensure the pressure is enough and that installed tires are acceptable for harsh mountain terrains. Every full suspension electric mountain bike goes with appropriate tires, but it won’t hurt to check in with your maintenance service if you’re not sure.

Also, make sure your safety equipment is all set and ready to be worn. Even if you’re a pro, you still need that helmet! Remember that there’s no 100% safe trail or path ‒ you need your protection on all the time, regardless of whether you’re taking a slow ride on a public road or swooshing down the rocky hill.

Advice for your electric-assist mountain bike

Mind the terrain! Getting used to it is probably the most challenging part of a mountain ride. You have to be careful and adapt swiftly.

All the stuff sticking out of the ground (roots, rocks, and other things) can easily catch in pedals ‒ be careful and try to avoid tricky sections of the path. You can also prevent them by leveling your pedals for a while until the road is clear again.

You’ll eventually get used to rocky terrain ‒ faster cadence at first feels like you don’t have any control over your mountain eBike, but then you’ll adapt and feel more comfortable.

Another thing you need to consider is the added weight of a motor and battery. It makes electric bikes times heavier than regular ones (and, therefore, faster). Thus, you have to brake earlier to make your turn in time or dump some speed. In situations like this, the pedal-assist system will definitely be of help. But a heavier bike doesn’t necessarily mean something terrible: what could be difficult to jump over with a regular bike with eBike won’t be even felt as you just roll over it. And getting down after jumps will also be faster, which can be an advantage in many cases.

The turns are something you have to pay closer attention to. Don’t hesitate to slow down earlier before the turn, even if it seems like it’s still not close enough to start braking. Soon, you’ll adapt to this riding style.

Powerful electric bikes are perfect for exploring nature and rocky terrains. Advanced torque, better traction, and heavier vehicle provide you with a unique experience of conquering trails and advancing your off-road riding skill.

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