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Entertainment: James Gunn Addresses Which Characters He Would Like To Have Included In Guardians Of The Galaxy

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Adam Green and Joe Lynch ushered in the new year by inviting James Gunn to take part in the 85th episode of their podcast, The Movie Crypt. During the podcast Green, Gunn, and Lynch swapped stories about their experiences working in the film industry.

Given the monumental success of Guardians of the Galaxy, the conversation understandably took a turn in that direction. One particular question, that came by way of listener e-mail, concerned what particular characters Gunn would like to have used in Guardians. Below is an excerpt where he answers this question.

“There’s characters that I’ve been interested in that I’m not allowed to use… but I won’t go so far as to say I definitely would have had them. There was a really good chance Bug was going to show up in the first, but he is not – we do not own him.  But, anyway, that was going to happen, perhaps. Listen, I really love Rom: Spaceknight, as everyone at Marvel knows because they’ve given me Rom stuff… but like they – but we don’t own Rom. I would love for Rom: Spaceknight to show up because I love his story, I love the way he looks, I love everything about him, his design is awesome, and I’ve been a fan of his since I was a kid, I’ve got the toy…and I like Rom: Spaceknight a lot so I would love for him to show up. You know, there’s other characters, but basically, some characters we can work around and we can use. I mean listen – I wanted to use the Badoon, the Badoon we don’t own. The Badoon are like…they’re really interesting. They would be like the cannon fodder guys who were like the Sakaaran in my movie… I wrote them as Badoon, but I just did a search/replace Sakaaran when I found out we didn’t have Badoon. It was strangely late in the process when I found that out. They were designed as Badoon.”

While this story is an interesting part of the discussion, I personally suggest listening to the episode in its entirety. Actually, I will go one further and say that The Movie Crypt should become a fixture in every fan-boy and fan-girl’s stable of favorite podcasts if it isn’t already.

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