Relativity Media has officially released the first trailer for the upcoming supernatural horror film, The Lazarus Effect.

A group of medical students are researching a method to bring people back from the dead by way of a serum. Initially they test the Lazarus serum on animals, and the result are successful. However, when their colleague Zoe dies, a human trial becomes imminent. When they bring Zoe back, it becomes clear that something sinister has come back with her. Suddenly reanimating the dead takes a back seat to fighting to stay alive.

This movie seems to have a little Re-Amimator, a little Flatliners, and a little Frankenstein mixed together. For me that’s an intriguing recipe for horror that I am very much looking forward to seeing.

The Lazarus Effect was directed by David Gelb, from the script written by Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater. Olivia Wilde leads a cast that includes Evan Peters, Sarah Bolger, Mark Duplass and Donald Glover.

The Lazarus Effect is coming soon, and will open in theaters on February 27th 2015.


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