(Image courtesy of Gawker.com)
(Image courtesy of Gawker.com)


With the leak of nude photos of entertainers such as Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Kate Upton, one has to wonder if anything is private anymore?

Three weeks ago, nude photos of Lawrence and other high-profile celebrities were uploaded to the Internet via Reddit caused much a stir on social media.

A new set of leaked photos over the weekend featuring Kim Kardashian West, Amber Heard, Meagan Good, Leelee Sobieski, Kaley Cuoco, Hope Solo, Vanessa Hudgens and Gabrielle Union has prompted questions about online privacy and security.  Union, who recently wed three-time NBA champion, Dwyane Wade recently called in the FBI to investigate and pursue the alleged hackers.

The question is, while it do any good?

If there is anyone to blame is Reddit for allowing the upload of nude photos and their lack of protection to both the celebrities targets and consumers who visit and use their site.

In the age of Social Media, it is alarmingly easy and convenient for cyber-terrorists and hackers to gain one’s personal and private information such as bank account and routing numbers, passwords, photos and other private information.

While Reddit has finally banned the alleged nude leak page, /r/TheFappening and instituted new and stricter guidelines, the damage has already been done and all the images are now in various clouds and servers throughout the blogosphere.

Going forward, consumers shall now have to wonder if various private photos—i.e. selfies—of themselves could become future targets for hackers and whether or not they will be uploaded.

Is it fair for private citizens to now have to worry about their private information potentially being compromised?


But it is the new world of Information and Social Media that we live in where a simple smartphone is all it takes, a simple click and upload to the likes of Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook, where they will cause irreparable damage.

This writer feels that a stronger enforcement of image copyrights and protecting individual online privacy needs to be enforced, as the leaked celebrity nudes show that we are farther from the sense of true privacy that being a reality and more remote now.

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