Meet RetroJ South Jersey Top Rated Producer and musician in New Jersey. He is one among the best upcoming artist from New Jersey who has two songs currently trending on TikTok. According to the source, RetroJ is a stellar producer behind TikTok’s viral songs called “Silk” and “U so Crazy” with over 2 million streams combined together.

We had a chance to talk with RetroJ the TikTok star and stellar producer about his music and success.

Tell us about RetroJ. How did you come up with this idea?

Na’Sir Hodges: I came up with RetroJ because I know personally I have an old soul so that’s where the word retro comes into play then the initial “J” is my middle name initial

How did you promote your company in the early days?

Na’Sir Hodges: simply, kept sending my music out, just wishing it was good enough to get danced to and then build off that. I didn’t really have a big platform when I started producing I had to work for it.

How have you been able to grow your business? Go specific.

Na’Sir Hodges: Just sticking to what I do best, eventually dancers and listeners started feeling my vibe I give off in my songs. Also by staying consistent and dropping music back to back so I could keep getting that exposure I needed. Networking also helped me a lot too to get me where I’m at right now.

What are some secrets to virality/sales in your most successful platform (Fb, Twitter, IG, Snap, Ecommerce, etc)?

Na’Sir Hodges: Making sure your song is catchy. That’s it that’s all, if your song is catchy and it’s a good vibe everyone would love it. Having confidence in your music you produce will work wonders.

Teach us something we don’t know about {internet marketing, social media ads, fundraising, volunteering, yoga, sales funnels, or another topic you pick}

Na’Sir Hodges: Posting things on “Reel” on Instagram will help you reach more views it’s like Tik Tok for Instagram. So when I mix that with a song I made plus me dancing or acting goofy it’s going to do number every time. That’s my go-to marketing strategy

What do you think you do better than most people? How are you able to do it?

Na’Sir Hodges: Musicality is something I believe I do better than most producers, I don’t jam all different sounds in one song I make sure the song is fluid and clear for listeners.

What are some of the best books you’ve ever read?

Na’Sir Hodges: Diary of a wimpy kid lol

Write your own question (and answer it)

Na’Sir Hodges: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Well hopefully on the radio and have a stable career working with other artists.

How can your fans reach you?

Instagram: Retroj

Twitter: Retrojjj

Song link:

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