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Experience Sharing: How I Book a Jaguar XF Car from Los Angeles Airport

Many people say, flying on air through different airlines is the most convenient and good way to travel across countries. But, after having several flies in the air, I have found that the air journey is the most cumbersome, loneliest and most boring journeys among all types of commute options. That’s the reason every time, after landing from airplane everyone wants to get rid of the busy airports and start running towards immigration.

After getting off from the airport, finding a proper taxi/car service could be tricky. Often in airports, there is taxi service that is costly and sometimes in rush hours, it becomes difficult to find a proper taxi service that meets the expectation you have. How to fix this? I am going to share my car rental experience from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

To decide which car rental or van rental Los Angeles service I was going to book from LAX, I did deep research. Based on my research I am going to focus on three key points.

Car Types

Based on the car types you are going to rent, the rent amount could be different. For Example, some car can accommodate 4 persons where some can accommodate 6-8 persons. Moreover, some cars are the luxury cars of which the price is also higher. For example, if you want to rent a Jaguar XF it may cost you around $91/day whereas Toyota Yaris can cost around $29. Pretty cheap to luxury class based on your criteria.

Supplier and Customer Service

Not all car supplier provides the same service. Some are good and some are bad. The rent cost can vary based on the service you are going to get. If I accumulate the 2000+ customer reviews I should say the best Car Rental Los Angeles Airport LAX is ‘Enterprise’. Their score is 8.8 out of 10 and they stood first among all the suppliers. So based on the supplier quality, car quality rent prices could vary a bit.

Other Factors

Are you searching for a car rental for a full day, half-day or just pick and drop service. You have to chose this option carefully because the price of each service is different. Moreover, there are fuel policy, cross border policy, Number of passengers and luggage the car can carry also very important factors. You shall keep these factors in mind before booking a car rental service.

How I Rented Car from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)?

I researched a lot and found that, without renting the car for a full day, meet and greet car rental was the cheapest for me. So I booked a meet and greet service from carngo.com. The model of the car was the Toyota Prius.  Upon arriving at LAX, I found my car waiting for me at the parking lot. The driver was carrying a nameplate on his hand and I easily recognized him.

How was the service?

The car was neat and clean. It was looking like a new one. The driver was well dressed and well mannered. The best thing is that I and my wife had a safe journey.

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