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Auto: 5 Ways To Reduce Your Motoring Costs

Motoring costs can add up to an enormous amount over the course of a year, but for many people a car is essential to their life. So, how can you save money on your motoring costs without it interfering with your life? There are actually many different ways to save money on driving costs and combining these together could have a huge impact on your financial situation in the long-run.
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Auto: Animals That Can Damage Your Roof

There are a multitude of different factors that can harm our roofs and cause damage to them. Rain can cause leakage if the gutters aren’t clear, hail can crack and break tiles, the sun can bleach roofs due to its intense UV rays, and wind can even rip off shingles completely. Due to the destructive potential of the weather, there are many protective measures that homeowners put in place to
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Auto: Who has the Best Car Insurance?

After getting your car and settling on a particular coverage plan, the next thing to tick off the list is the insurance company that will give you amazing deals on your insurance premiums. There are many auto insurance brokerages and companies out there, and it can be quite perplexing to choose the one that offers the best deals. We understand your predicament, and that's why this article was put together.
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A Guide to Protecting Your Vehicle from Hail Damage

To say the weather in the United States is unpredictable is an understatement. Due to the power of global warming, unique and extreme weather patterns have become an increasingly common issue. This includes everything from thunderstorms to heavy snowfall. The volatile weather has also seen the recent rise of another serious concern: hailstorms. It is said that, in the US alone, hail is causing as much as $22 billion in
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5 Pitfalls to Avoid While Getting a Car Accident Settlement Loan

A car accident loan refers to the funding that you, as a plaintiff, take for managing your expenses while you wait for your settlement from the lawsuit. However, as we all know, a lawsuit can linger on for months or even years. Meanwhile, you will have to bear with your attorney’s fees, medical bills and if you have lost your job due to injuries sustained, then you must be having
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Auto: The Latest Car Tech Features Changing The Way We Drive

Americans will buy  a total of 16.8 million cars in 2020, the NADA reports. With so many exciting new innovations in vehicle technology available, it’s no wonder car sales are through the roof. Car technology is continually being developed to improve safety and convenience, and make the driving experience more enjoyable. BMW Active Driving Assistant, Hyundai’s Sounds of Nature program, and wireless Apple CarPlay are just some of the best