Eyelash Serum

When it comes to eyelashes, many women are looking for a quick and effective way to lengthen them. For a long time now, the most popular option has been a professional eyelash lengthening by a beautician. These eyelash extensions can be worn for several weeks.

For some time now, however, this method has been increasingly replaced by an extension of the eyelashes by the so-called eyelash serum. Compared to an eyelash extension, there are some advantages.

Although the professional eyelash extensions are in most cases made of real hair, the durability and strength of the individual extensions is not always given. These factors are mainly affected by the shape of the eyes and the process of blinking.

In addition, there is the regular and costly care of the extended eyelashes. They must be cleaned at regular intervals. This procedure also involves the risk of damaging the eyelash extensions and thus making them unusable. A further decisive point, which clearly speaks in favour of the use of eyelash serum described below, is the accumulation of bacteria in the eyelash extensions. These can cause dangerous eye infections.

All these disadvantages are eliminated by the introduction of eyelash serum on the market. Eyelash serum is a chemical composition that both strengthens the roots of the eyelashes and stimulates hair growth. Thus, with a regular application, the natural growth process of the eyelashes can be accelerated.

The serum’s effect on the lashes is based on the fact that the composition of the liquid optimally supplies the lashes with all necessary nutrients. This support not only makes the lashes longer, but also has positive effects in terms of gloss, curl and volume. Mainly responsible for this are the many proteins and the keratin in the lashes. The only disadvantage of an eyelash serum compared to false eyelashes is the price. Ultimately, every single interested party has to weigh up the costs and benefits.

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