Can penis size really be increased? The answer is “yes,” but the details will vary depending on who you ask…

· Some professionals will tell you that the various penis enlargement methods are only short-term and dangerous;

· Others will tell you that penis enlargement is expensive and time-consuming;

· And still others say there are only natural ways to increase penis size and no artificial ways.

So what’s the real deal?

This article aims to put the debate to rest by putting forward what we do know about penis enlargement. So if you, too, are wondering about increasing your penis size, this article will answer all your questions and more.

Let’s start off by answering the first and most basic question of all:

Why Does Penis Enlargement Matter?

Why does it? After all, sex therapists report that most of the women who come to them for help rarely, if ever, complain about their men’s penis size. In fact, most women claim they’re happy with their partners’ penis size, no matter how big or small they might be.

And yet it still does matter for one important reason: It matters to us.

Men are psychologically and biologically wired to attach their self-esteem to their penis size. Mother Nature has hard-wired us to think that the bigger our tools, the more “manly” we are, and the higher our place in the mating pecking order.

This is even without the influence of porn. With porn, the psychological hit is worse – the average guy watches one video and thinks, “Wow, mine’s so small.” And he goes through life thinking he’s small, even if he’s not.

There’s a real, valid reason to want a bigger penis. And the first and foremost reason is the re-establishment of self-esteem. Many men want bigger penises not so they can impress their women or please them better, but instead, so they’ll feel better about themselves.

And better self-esteem leads to further improvements:

· Better sex

· Better quality of life

· More productivity, a stronger mission in life, etc.

So yes, penis enlargement does matter. And if it matters to you, then here are the proven ways of increasing penis size for you to consider.

Short-Term Ways to Increase Penis Size

By “short-term,” we mean methods to increase penis size temporarily, such as right before sex. In this category, we recommend two methods that have been proven to not only make your cock look bigger, but actually increase your enjoyment of sex as well.

Cock rings. These are small loops made of rubber, latex, metal, or some other rigid or stretchy material. Cock rings are meant to be worn tightly around the penis and/or scrotum. Cock rings work by trapping blood in the penis[DB1] , resulting in stronger, harder, and longer-lasting erections. The use of cock rings will result in a visible improvement in penis size, as well.

Some cock rings come with unique features. Vibrating cock rings, for instance, increases your partner’s enjoyment in addition to keeping you harder for longer.

Penis pumps. These are airtight cylinders where you slip your erect or semi-erect penis into and use a pump to draw out the air surrounding it. The vacuum forces the penis to enlarge, drawing more blood into it. This results in a harder, longer-lasting erection, and it’s a popular treatment for erectile dysfunction. A common use of cock rings is in combination with a penis pump. Once you have pumped your penis to the desired pressure, you would slip on the cock ring around the base of the penis to keep the blood in and maintain your erection.

Some penis pumps come with special additions (such as vagina sleeves) that make the exercise even more pleasurable.

Long-Term Ways to Increase Penis Size

By “long-term,” we mean methods that increase penis size permanently. Long-term penis enlargement methods necessarily take time and discipline to execute correctly, but the results are notable (a 1” increase in length or even more within one year).

Penis stretching is the “traditional” way to increase penis size over the long term. It involves stretching the flaccid penis for 10 seconds per rep. This exercise is done every day for a number of months.

The reason for the stretching is to create microtears in the penis tissue. In the same way that muscles grow when worked out to failure, the penis also grows when it’s stretched to the point where tiny tears are created in its tissue. These microtears are then filled in with new tissue, and the penis grows longer.

Consistency and safety are the keys to success when doing penis stretching. Make sure your penis is flaccid when doing the exercise, and immediately stop when you feel pain.

Penis Extenders. These devices accomplish the effects of penis stretching with minimal effort on your part. Penis Extenders are intended to be worn around the penis, stretching it for extended periods of time.

These devices are meant to be worn from 4-6 hours a day, or even longer if you can manage it. Penis Extenders can be worn under clothing, and so you can go about your day while it does its work.

Weight loss. When you’re overweight – and especially if you have a big gut – it can make your penis look shorter. Belly fat tends to spill over to the crotch area, building up around the base of your penis and making it look smaller than it really is.

Losing weight and belly fat can add inches to your penis. It’s not a “penis enlargement” method per se, but it’s a good lifestyle change to make alongside whichever proper methods you use.

Surgery. This is one of the sketchier methods on this list. It has been proven to work (such as via grafting fat cells from elsewhere in the body onto the penis to improve girth, and sometimes length), the improvement tends to decrease over time, which may necessitate more surgeries.

We recommend you consider surgery as your “last resort” for penis enlargement. It’s best relegated for the treatment of serious conditions such as micropenis (when your penis can’t be stretched longer than 3 inches) or when you suffer from serious Small Penis Anxiety (SPA).

The Bottom Line

Penis enlargement is, more than anything, a solution to a very real problem. Choosing the right method(s) to increase your penis size will depend greatly on your needs:

· Do you just want to enjoy sex more?

· Do you want the pleasure of seeing a larger penis every time you stand in front of the mirror?

· Do you suffer from a known condition that either makes your penis small (by normal standards) or makes you think it is?

This article has just laid out all your options. But no matter what approach you decide to take, remember that you’re doing this for yourself – your enjoyment, your pleasure, and your self-esteem. Avoid falling into the trap of doing it to impress women, because your penis size doesn’t matter to them nearly as much as it matters to you.

[DB1]Please make sure to clarify that these work by trapping the blood in the penis

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