Sciatica Pillow for Sleeping

Sciatica pain results from compression, inflammation, irritation, or pinching in the lower part of your back. This condition comes due to a herniated disk or narrowing of the spine that results in excess pressure on your nerve root. This pain robs you of a good night’s sleep because lying down increases pressure on the nerve. Luckily, there is a solution. You can avoid the pain by using a sciatica pillow for sleeping. Below are the factors to consider when you want to buy yours.

Weight and size

Sleeping pillows come in varying weights and sizes, and this feature is essential as it determines how comfortable your sleep will be. When buying one like a knee pillow for sleeping, you should consider this factor since manufacturers make them accommodative. When you plan to use it outside, you should go for a small and light one. 

Quality of materials

A product such as a leg knee pillow is as good as the quality of its material. Producers to make a sciatica pillow for sleeping as comfortably as possible use memory foam covered in fabric. However, density does differ. It would be best to test the thickness of the pillow you want to buy. Your comfort as you sleep will depend on the fabric and the density of the foam.


Sleeping pillows like the sciatica pillows have a contoured shape to fit between your legs comfortably. However, if you are a side sleeper, you should go for a sleeping pillow that you can easily sandwich between your thighs. On the same note, if you are a back sleeper, go for a cylindrical leg pillow or wedged as it will fit beneath your knees and help you with sciatica pain.

Firmness and support level

The essence of buying a sleeping pillow is to support you. When shopping for yours, you should consider how firm the pillow is. The trick here is considering your weight too. If you are heavy, you should go for a thick and firm pillow to support your weight. A thin and soft pillow should work fine for you if you are lightweight.

Temperature regulation

A Support product like a knee pillow for sleeping is made from memory foam that traps heat from your body. It would be best to check if the sleeping pillow is covered using breathable and cooling material to regulate how warm it will get when in use. Failure to do so, you will be uncomfortable after the pillow gets excessively warm from your body heat.


When shopping for things like a leg knee pillow, you should consider adaptability. How you sleep will determine how you use this factor in your shopping. For a side sleeper, you should go for a sciatica pillow for sleeping that’s made of flexible gel or destroyed foam that will fit between your knees as you turn when sleeping. In doing so, you will evade waking up to adjust the pillow in pursuit of comfort. Good sleep is essential for your body, but it will be elusive when in pain. Use this guide to help you shop for a sleeping pillow that will make you comfortable and manage spine pain while sleeping.

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