Hair loss can be the reason for stress in many individuals, whether female or male. If you are losing a lot of hair after shampooing, you may be under the impression that you are becoming bold, but this may not necessarily be the case. However, bold areas on the scalp is an apparent sign of hair loss, but it can be problematic to tell if your hair is thinning. To establish this, try the tug test. Holding a small bunch of hair (about fifteen or twenty) between your index finger and thumb, slowly but firmly pull the hair. If more than six hairs are shedding, you may have an issue.

The Stages Of Hair Growth

●The first phase – The growing phase, where it grows about one centimeter every month, lasting between two and five years.

●Resting phase – no growth occurs, and this stage lasts more or less five months, called telogen. At the end of this phase, hair starts to shed, and hair follicles start growing new hairs. If a hair follicle is destroyed, no new hair will start growing from it.

Familiar Beliefs Related To Hair Loss – Are They True Or False?

1.Certain Hairstyles Can Result In Hair Loss

True – styles that cause tension on the hairs like plaits, tight ponytails, or corn-rows can result in hair loss. Heated rollers, which are winded tightly into hair, can have the same effect.

2.Hair Extensions Can Be The Cause For Hair Loss

True – If not done correctly and too tight, hair extensions can pull hair and result in bald patches, which in serious cases can be permanent. Have a look at DHI Gro for more information on hair transplants.

3.Brushing Your Hair Too Often Can Stimulate Circulation And Avoid Hair Loss

False – on the contrary, vigorous brushing can injure hairs and worsen the issue.

4.Hair Must Breathe; Therefore Toupees Or Wigs Can Worsen Hair Loss

False – hair doesn’t need to breathe since only the roots of the hair are alive and are getting oxygen from the blood in your scalp. Only if the hairpieces or wigs are too tight can it damage hair.

5.Frequent Shampooing Causes The Hair To Fall Out

False – shampooing generally gets rid of hair that has fallen out already.

6.Heated Brushes And Blow-Drying Can Escalate Hair Loss

True – extreme heat damages the proteins in our hairs, making them more prone to breaking off. Brushing hair while blow-drying can lead to even more damage. Using heated hair straighteners can also damage hair further.

7.Protein-Enriched Shampoos And Conditioners Can Help The Hair Grow

False – protein-enriched hair products only fill defects in the surface of hair shafts temporarily, making it appear thicker and smoother.

8.Perms, Hair Dyes, And Hairsprays Escalate Hair Loss

False – these products do not influence thinning hair. Hairsprays and perms can, however, disguise the problem.

9.If Your Dad Has Lots Of Hair, You Won’t Go Bald

False- baldness that is inherited involves a combination of genes; therefore, you are not in the clear automatically if your Dad has a full head of hair.

10.Stress Can Result In Hair Loss

True – it is a well-known proven fact that chemicals produced in the body when you are going through periods of stress can influence hair growth.

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