The time has come, we can put aside the MLB money and go all out for NFL now. This Sunday is the first of at least 18 weeks of Fanduel for NFL fans. Personally, I am overjoyed, as a NY resident, we are officially licensed to play. I had to sit out half of the NBA season but the NFL is where it’s at for most hardcore players.

The key to Fanduel NFL is to pick 2-3 big names but then look for sleepers. Most that lose their money often try to get household names and tend to over think the entire process. Fanduel gives you $60k to build a lineup with, if you want to take Rodgers, Peterson, Brown or Gronk, that’s your money gone right there. You must think with an open mind and not be afraid to take a chance on a few sleepers most people will pass on.


QB: David Carr (Oakland) $7,700

The best option to many would be Rodgers but for his price of $9,000 and going against much-improved Jags defense, Rodgers may have a hard time. Carr will face the worst defense in the NFL last season in the Saints. With Murray attacking the line, we should see plenty of play-action passes over the top to Crabtree and Cooper. He may not get the yardage Rodgers will but his price and production is too hard to not pass up.

RB: Adrian Peterson (Vikings) $8,200

Like anyone would make a team without having AP on the roster. His price is high but looking over the field this is an easy choice. Peterson will go against a Titans defense that gave up 112 yards per game in 2015. With Bradford under center in his first start, we should see plenty of Peterson.

RB: LeSean McCoy (Bills) $6,900

McCoy will enter the season with a chip on his shoulder after what many will consider a down year for him in 2015. The Bills will look to pound the ball against the Ravens and with McCoy being a dual threat, we should expect to see him in the mid 30 touch range.

WR: Amari Cooper (Raiders) $7,100

Get Cooper on the cheap while you can. Cooper, along with Carr will face the worst pass defense in the NFL. It’s not a stretch to say he will top 100+ yards as they just don’t have the talent to keep up with the speedy receiver.

WR: Julio Jones (Falcons) $9,100

As with Peterson, you must spend a nice chunk of that $60,000 if you want to win at Fanduel and as far as WRs goes in the early slates, Jones is the man. The Bucs defense gave up 31 TDs through the air last season and with Jones finally getting some help on the opposite side he is sure to see single coverage a few times during the game.

WR: Terrelle Pryor (Browns) $4,900

If you want to beat the Eagles, throw the ball. In 2015 the Eagles secondary gave up 4200+ yards and 36 TDs. Pryor is still learning the position but he is the main weapon for the Browns until Gordon gets back. RG3 has the arm strength to get the ball downfield and if Pryor can get a little room he could be in store for a huge day. Plus, look at his bargain basement price. How can you pass that up?

TE: Zach Ertz (Eagles) $5,700

Ertz is three catches away from a 100-yard game. He’s that good and with Carson Wentz making his first career start he will need reliable hands to help him out of trouble, enter Ertz. Ertz has the speed of a receiver and should be able to get behind the LBs of Cleveland easily.

K: Sebastian Janikowski (Raiders) $4,600

Janikowski does not get the respect that he deserves. He may have the strongest leg in the NFL and with the Raiders improvements on offense, he should see plenty of scoring opportunities this season. With the offense expected to move the ball easily against the Saints defense, the kicker should see plenty of chances to exceed his point expectations.

DEF: (Chiefs) $5,100

You could go Raiders here but they will have to contend with Drew Brees all afternoon and it may not turn out too well for them fantasy-wise. The Chiefs will face the Chargers, and while Philip Rivers is on the other side, he doesn’t have the targets other QBs have. The Chiefs will dominate the line of scrimmage and for a team that loves to sack the QB, this could be money well spent.