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Fantasy Football: Three underdrafted quarterbacks to target

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We’ve already taken a look at over drafted quarterbacks to avoid, QBs who will leave you wishing you had snagged a different player at that slot. Today we take a look at the flip side of that: quarterbacks who you definitely should be snagging at their average draft position (ADP). Now, they aren’t all QB1s. You definitely should not be starting the second quarterback on this list, at least not right away. But, these are quarterbacks whose ADP is most out of line with their fantasy football potential

Drew Brees (QB5, 51st overall)
Drew Brees has an entirely appropriate ADP, but his QB ranking is off. If you’re snagging Brees in the fifth in a twelve-team league and the sixth in a ten-team league, you’re doing just great there. The reason he is under drafted is that since 2006, Drew Brees has finished outside the top three quarterbacks once. ONCE. Granted, that was last season, but he was injured early on and starting week eight, he averaged 28.2 fantasy points per game. #1 with a bullet was Cam Newton, and he averaged 28.5 last season.

A fully healthy Drew Brees with one of the best cast of weapons he’s ever had around him should not be going as quarterback #5. Once Luck and Wilson are off the board, it’s time for you to strike and sop up the orchestrator of one of the NFL’s most potent passing attacks.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB25, 174th overall)
Fitzpatrick has been making a lot of crazy passes this preseason, and is certainly feeling every bit of the rust of his offseason holdout. But last year, Fitzpatrick coordinated a passing attack that had him second in two-TD passing games (12, second to Tom Brady’s 13).

It’s fallacious to pay for past production, but the market overcorrected for Fitzpatrick, who is currently going behind players with very little upside and more week-to-week QB2 consistency (Alex Smith and Teddy Bridgewater). In one QB leagues, you want to find quarterbacks who have a chance at QB1 upside. If they stink, cut them and move on. Fitzpatrick fits that mold exactly. Smith and Bridgewater have little chance of having QB1 numbers, but are great low-end QB2s.

Jettison those types of QBs in ten and twelve team leagues and swing for the fences. Your goal is to find a difference-making player at every position. Fitzpatrick could be that, but several QBs in front of him won’t be.

Matthew Stafford (QB18, 132nd overall)
I love Matthew Stafford this year. A lot. I wrote a whole article about the guy! Here is the Cliff’s Notes version: with Jim Bob Cooter as his OC, Stafford turned into a very efficient, short passer who allowed his receivers and backs to do the dirty work.

The Cooter offense kept the Lions on tempo and marching down the field. Stafford’s TD to INT went through the roof (or through the floor, depending on your preferred saying). The Lions went out and got more receivers to fit that game plan by acquiring Anquan Boldin and Marvin Jones. He’s going extremely late and has top-ten QB upside.

The joy of under drafted players is even if you have already drafted, you may still have a chance to snag a Matthew Stafford (available in one-of-five Yahoo! leagues) or Ryan Fitzpatrick (hanging out on the wire in 63% of Y! leagues).

Check out your waiver wire for these two fellas, even if you’ve already drafted. Fitzpatrick is a deeper play, but Stafford’s upside is must-add.

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