By Mike John

Hair comes in many different colors and textures, but there’s one aspect that all types of hair share: the potential for frizzing. Fortunately, the more common causes can be remedied and allow you to keep the frizzing to a minimum. Here are some of the reasons why your hair is doing the unthinkable and what you can do to manage the situation.

Using the Wrong Type of Brush

There are a lot of rush designs on the market today and with good reason. One design is ideal for hair that is thinner and straight while a different kind would work better for hair that’s thicker and has more body. If you are using a brush that is not right for your hair type, making a change to something more appropriate could reduce the frizzing by a noticeable margin.

Not Brushing Before You Shampoo

Not everyone thinks about brushing before they shampoo and condition their hair. If so, you are not getting the best results from your hair care products. By brushing before you wet your hair and apply the shampoo, it’s easier for the product to distribute evenly. While this is important for everyone, it’s especially helpful for people with thick and somewhat curly hair.

Keep in mind it’s not just about the even distribution of the shampoo. Brushing first makes it easier to rinse the shampoo out of your hair and paves the way for evenly distributing the curly hair conditioner during the application. Try this approach and you’ll notice a difference after just a few rounds of shampooing and conditioning.

Washing Your Hair Too Often

Even when you use great hair care products, washing your hair too frequently strips it of essential oils. Dryer hair is not just brittle; it’s also likely to frizz much easier.

If you are in the habit of shampooing and conditioning your hair daily, consider cutting back to every other day. From straight to curly hairstyles, this one tip will go a long way toward improving the health and the look of your hair.

Using Too Much Heat

Excessive heat is another reason why your hair tends to frizz. If you like to wash and condition your hair during a shower, adjust the water so that it’s no more than lukewarm. When you use a flat iron or a similar device to straighten or add curls to your hair, use a setting that will not cause damage. If you are not sure what setting to use, consult as stylist.

As you begin to make changes in how you care for your hair, make a note of how the texture improves. Along with no longer dealing with frizzy hair, you’ll notice that it’s softer, easier to manage, and has a healthy appearance. Get started today and things will look a lot better after a couple of weeks.

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