By Mike John

One of the first things you learned about promoting your small business is that having something to give prospective clients makes a positive impression. Along with deciding what sort of promotional products are appropriate, there’s the matter of deciding what sort of information should be printed or embossed onto those products.

Here are some essentials to keep in mind along with a couple of suggestions that are a little out of the box.

Your Company Logo

If your business has a distinctive logo, make sure it’s included on as many promotional products as possible. You’ll find adding the logo to something like custom notepads, tablet and smartphone cases, and business card holders is relatively easy.

Other promotional items like golf ball markers may only have enough room for one element. In the latter case, using your logo alone is a good idea.

Your Company Name

Some smaller promotional items do have room for information like your company name.

For example, pen and pencil sets can be engraved to include the name along with other basic information. When there is space to have both the name and the logo on display, you increase the odds of keeping your business on the minds of those who put the products to use daily.

Your Company Slogan

A company slogan serves as a way of conveying something about what the business has to offer. While only a few words in length, the right one attracts attention from your targeted consumer base. Consider finding a place to add the slogan on at least some of the promotional products you purchase.

Make sure it’s prominent enough to be noticed, but still leaves plenty of room for other important data you want to share.

Your Basic Contact Information

How will interested parties reach you? At the least, include a phone number and an email address. Information of this nature comes in handy when the prospective client needs something you can provide.

Since your phone number is right there on those notepads you passed along, there’s no need to search for another provider.

Your Social Media Accounts

Social media has changed the way people communicate over the last decade. This is true with business as well as personal communication. Consider doing something that few have done so far: include the links for your social media accounts.

Make sure those accounts are kept up to date with at least a couple of posts each week.

The rapport you build by attracting followers provides another passive marketing strategy that could translate into several new customers a month.

Whether the plan is to keep a supply of promotional products on hand for business trips, giveaways at conventions and trade shows, or some type of gifts for customers at the end of the year, never shy away from adding customized touches to all those items.

You never know when one of those Artik gifts in Canada will end up in the hands of someone who takes one look and decides your company has exactly what they need.

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