When you’re buying a present for your friend who has a style that’s a little odd, you may have trouble finding something that is just kooky enough for them. You might be thinking “isn’t a novelty item just a gag gift?” Not at all. The differences between gag gifts and novelty items are numerous. The most important difference is novelty items are there to serve a very specific purpose (although that purpose might not be practical), while gag gifts make you laugh.

Novelty items are a great way to appeal to their unique interests. Why not turn these presents into something useful for your friend as well? You can find a unique gift that is also functional in your home. The number of possibilities for homeware out on various markets are vast. Your unique friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Here are a few a few ideas on what you can buy for your kooky friend.


  1. Star Wars Inspired Planters


There are several Star Wars inspired products on the market today. The new movies have sparked a new wave of novelty items, and a planter gift set is perfect for your friend who loves both gardening and Star Wars.

Whether you want your plants to sit in the death star or in Darth Vader’s helmet, your friend can express a lot of personality in their living space. Whether your friend is on the dark side or the rebel alliance, you’ll find something they love.

Placing one of these planters in a room will create an impressive and unique focal point for your friend to talk about with guests.

Star Wars planters are usually on the small side, which makes them perfect for any surface. You can set it on your office desk, window sill, or shelf. The range of characters, spacecrafts, and colors really personalizes it to who you’re buying it for.


  1. Nintendo Controller Wall Print


There’s always at least one intense gamer friend in almost every friend group. They spend their time playing World of Warcraft, can never be torn away from their Xbox or PS4, or is completely obsessed with Mario Party and every Zelda game.

They probably already own every possible game they could want and every accessory that can go with it, so what could you possibly get them? Well, a great way to show your gamer friend some love is to buy them some decoration that fits their gaming personality.

A wall print with a gaming controller as iconic as Nintendo’s is a great piece of homeware to give your kooky video game obsessed friend. It will be a great moment when they hang up the three pieces of art and see the full control above their couch.


  1. Game of Thrones “Dinner Is Coming” Cutting Board


While your friend has no control over which characters are cut from their favorite TV show, they do have control over what they cut their fruits and veggies on. A Game of Thrones fan who loves cooking would love this as a gift thanks to its punny nature.

The board’s quote is a play on probably the most quoted phrase in the series, which will suit any fan of show. The options that people have for these types of cutting boards are endless. You can choose the size and the wood that it’s made out of. Oak, cherry, birch, and beech are all very common.


  1. Bloody Handprint Shower Curtain


Another great staple that a kooky friend would love in their home is a unique shower curtain. Funny shower curtains don’t really serve any practical purpose, but they can brighten your friend’s day and be a conversation starter for guests who stay overnight.

The perfect gift for your kooky friend who loves horror movies is a bloody handprint shower curtain. These curtains are very scary. If your friend likes this gift, you have more options to choose from next time as there are other blood-splattered bathroom features out on the market.

If your friend is not so big on horror movies, there are plenty of other unique shower curtains that will have them jumping for joy.

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