Bauering is a modern store with a rich collection of stainless steel watches for women of class. There are many watch selling stores but not all have the interest of clients at heart. We not only provide a wide variety of watches for our customers but also answer questions on how to spice up your look with a beautiful watch and answer concerns about watch accessories. I will give you 5 reasons why you should shop with us whether your are looking for women stainless steel watches for sale or any other watch of your choice.

100% leather watch bands

Watch Bands come in innumerable materials including leather, rubber and stainless steel; but not all watch straps can withstand extreme conditions. Leather watches will give you a great vintage look you’ve always dreamt of. The beauty about leather is that it is able to withstand all conditions including heat, water, and extreme pressure and still maintain its form. Additionally, leather is classy and an all-occasion material. This is why we chose to have leather watch bands in most of our women watches. Leather material also goes a long way in increasing the durability of your watch.

Variety of colors

It is interesting how women have different taste and preferences especially when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. This is why we have a great array of stainless finish cases from Rose Gold, Classic Gold or Silver. On the other hand, our watch straps also come in a variety of colors including charcoal black, austere saddle brown and the show Stopping pink. Your choice of color is solely dependent on your taste but just in case you are stranded on the best color to choose, we’ll be glad to help at our Insta feed.

Affordable prices

Watches go for different prices depending on a number of reasons including the strap material, finish cases, brand and functionality. However, it is true that some watches are sold at hefty prices for no good reasons. We have watches of all classes including the prestige kind of watches, middle-class watches and so on. It’s often said that cheap is expensive and I guess this is somehow true. However, this does not mean our low priced watches are poor quality, NO. At the same time the highly priced watches in our collection are classier, more durable and have more functionality. We’ve got watches for every budget. The choice is yours!

Color combination tips for occasions

We do not only sell watches and watches accessories but we also give our clients free advice concerning on watches and fashion. Our wide collection of watches comprises of watches that are all-occasion like say the Black metal watches, fancy watches for casual events and official look watches. But sometimes it may still be difficult to choose the best watch for some occasions. That’s the reason why we have filled our Insta feed page with fresh doses of fashion inspiration. Check them out!

Unique and refined style

An individual’s taste of fashion or clothes often affects our general perception of them, so is the case for the timepiece that’s on your wrist. We’re living in the 21st century where time is on every gadget including smart phones, tablets, laptops and so on. So you may be wondering” So what is the essence of owning a watch in this era?” I’d say nowadays watches have been left to two groups of people; people who are operate strictly on basis of time and the other group of people with an ingenious taste of fashion.

Among the genuine inspirations to owning a watch is just a bold first impression. But this will depend on what else you’ve put on besides the watch in order to to bring out the exact look you want. We have watches to suit all styles from a serious official look, to a casual appearance. Black steel watches for instance bring out an elegant official look.

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