What should be the colour of your wedding outfit or which make-up artist should you choose, which shoes will you wear that would look ideal but not hurt, how about the accessories?

As a bride-to-be all these thoughts and perhaps a dozen more are racing through a bride’s mind. Not only does the wedding play a mental havoc but also the long hours of shopping and running for trails and the trousseau shopping leads to skipping of meals or making do with junk that’s available when you are hungry and running around. Needless to say, all this eventually takes a toll on your skin, hair and over all health.

As a bride-to-be, to be able to look your best you have to first be able to feel your very best. Hence, for overcoming the above concerns or chaos, one had to focus on eating clean and correctly. A beautiful face glows from within with the right kind of food and nutrients besides a well nourished body reflects and spells beauty.

Correct eating and a well balanced diet is essential not just prior to the D-day but the change should be brought about at least a few weeks or months prior to nourish every cell from within.


For that Glowing Complexion

A good amount of vitamins and mineral in potent form is extremely essential on a daily basis for a healthy glowing skin. This comes from a glass of veggie juice that you should drink everyday. What is important to remember while making these juices is that it should contain a minimum of three different coloured vegetables e.g. Tomato + Carrot + Spinach, thus giving you maximum benefit as different colour vegetables contain different vitamins and anti oxidants.

Mixing them daily gives you a variety of nourishment daily which should reflect on your skin. Ideally you should notice a marked improvement in the skin quality and glow within 2-3 weeks of having this juice daily. Also please remember that time of the day you consume it is not important, it could be had anytime of the day.

But what’s important to note is that it should be had immediately as it is prepared so that there is no loss of vitamins and you get full benefit from the magic glass of juice. One can try tomato, carrot and beetroot or bottlegaurd, carrot and tomato or carrot, beetroot and spinach or tomato, coriander and mint or cucumber, coriander, mint blends.

Shiny Strong Healthy Manes

Lustrous hair and that sparkle in your eyes can all be accomplished with a correct amount of proteins in your diet. If you are a vegetarian then inclusion of dals and pulses, soyabean and tofu, sprouts, low fat cottage cheese and milk are the sources we need to concentrate on. At least 2 serving of the above mentioned items should be made a must. For the non vegetarians egg whites, fish and chicken are also good sources of proteins. In most cases if we are having packed meals outside home, either if you are working or you are on the go, this category of food is usually ignored. Since carrying dals or yogurt becomes a messy affair it is usually excluded from the diet. This should be rectified as proteins are extremely important source of nourishment. Lack of proteins in our daily meals leads to symptoms such as fatigue, anger, irritability, hair fall to name a few. Ensure that you include proteins as an integral part of your daily menu.

High Energy Levels

Long gaps betweens meals due to busy shopping schedules can lead to acidity, fatigue, lethargy and headaches. It’s best to ensure that along with three main meals (Breakfast+ Lunch+ Dinner) you eat every 2-3 hours. For example, you could eat a fruit or a biscuit, some roasted seeds, dry fruits or puffed rice or a vegetable sandwich. Eating frequently will eliminate acidity which in turn will also help energy levels and prevent skin damage too.

Hydrated Body

Last but not to forget, ample amounts of fluids is extremely important. Water, fruit juices, vegetable juices, coconut water, fresh lime soda/water, buttermilk should be had generously and frequently through the day to ensure correct hydration on the cells from within and prevent any toxin accumulation, which again will reflect in healthy skin, hair and mind.

Nutritionist Pooja Makhija gives us some indispensable tips to keep you charged all day long. “ Remember how you look on your special day is what everyone in your family and you will always cherish. A little effort made to regulate eating habits will come a long way to glorify the unmatched memories!

■ Eat within an hour of waking. Blood glucose levels need a boost for brain to function well.

■ Drink at least 8-12 glasses of water daily. Sometimes, we can mistake hunger for what actually is thirst.

■ Don’t drink caffeinated beverages for a boost. They have a dehydrating effect & can rev you up initially only to lead to a crash.

■ Dodge food hangovers. Do not eat high-fat foods within 2 hrs of going to bed, it may disrupt sleep & cause sluggishness first thing in the morning.

■ Getting nutrition from the plate and not a pill. Food is almost always your best choice.

■ Variety and moderation in diet is the key rule.

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