Features: The Rhythms Of Musician Najim Mollou

Everyone has unique capabilities and skills. Nobody can copy another person’s set of abilities and succeed in life. Thus, even though as a child Najim Mollou was inspired by many artists, he believed in his own ability and strived to discover it.

The first step in his journey was to discover his talent. Najim worked hard on finding his notes. He wanted something that only would inspire his fans, but also help him enjoy his own music. Thus, for this Najim listened and played along multiple records to find his pitch. As he began practicing, he believed that there is no right or wrong when it comes to music. Najim says, “Whatever you and your fans enjoy the most, is the right version.” As a result, he always exploited his capability to learn more. Since Najim believed that there will always be a need for improvement, he practiced and practiced making himself better than the previous time.

Once he was sure of what he wanted to pursue, Najim took a step further into the external world of music. He approached producers and music executives to maximize every opportunity he got. As he played for different people, Najim got mixed reviews. Some loved the way he carried the songs, whereas others had some negative reviews. However, Najim never let these reviews pull him down. Whenever anyone provided criticism on anything he did, he took it constructively and worked on himself to improve on wherever he lacked. As a result, slowly but steadily, Najim began excelling in what he did.

Even though Najim used to spend hours on a single note, he never got bored. The secret behind his efforts was that he loved and enjoyed what he did. For Najim, music was a form of expression. He expressed all his emotions through his music and wished that his fans could also do the same.

Today Najim has finally released his album “Night Vibes” and is a successful artist. His songs became popular as he earned a fan base from all around the world. Currently situated in Germany, Najim wishes to tour the world. He wants to share the essence of his live music with all of his fans so that he can connect with them.




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