Becoming a parent is a very exciting time. There is a very noticeable shift of priorities and so when it comes to buying gifts for new parents, opt for something that can be shared with their little one. The birth of a child is generally the most important event in a man’s life, so choose a gift with care that reflects his wonder at the magic of parenthood.

Baby Carrier or Sling

Dads, especially, love baby carriers or baby slings. They are convenient and a nice way to bond with their baby. A baby carrier and a backpack is a much easier way to travel than pushing a pram everywhere and down tight aisles in shops. There’s a huge range to choose from, so your best bet is to check out a good baby shop and pick the right fit.

Food and Bottle Warmer

At 3am in the morning, dad doesn’t want to have to be putting the stove on to heat up milk or food. A bottle warmer is a faster way to get the bottle to a nice temperature. Some babies might be okay with room temperature milk, but others might cry and carry on like Goldilocks if it’s not ‘just right.’

Photo Book

New parents are going to have a lot of photos capturing precious and fleeting moments. If you can gain access to these photos through their spouse or by some covert ninja operation, then creating a well-designed photo book will mean the world to them and give them memories to look back on. And they will look back on them. Children grow so fast, parents often find themselves gazing at photos and wondering where the time went.


Might seem like an odd idea, but one thing that new parents begin to value more and more is a good night’s rest. For fresh parents, sleep is a limited and precious thing. If you can contribute in your own way to helping them sleep that little bit better, you are improving their way of life. So go for a quality set of sheets, one that feels like heaven slipping into. Let them enjoy their 2 hours of sleep in premium comfort.

Night Light

Getting the lighting right in a babies room so that they sleep soundly but so that they can also be seen at a quick peek into the room is a difficult thing. Take the struggle out of this task by gifting a stylish night light with a soft glow that can be left on while baby is sleeping. There are some really cool lights out there, and plenty to suit various tastes and styles.

Smart Thermometer

For a new parent, their baby’s health is their new number one priority. Having a reliable and accurate baby thermometer is a must have for every new parent. Being able to check a baby’s rising temperature is extremely important and a good indicator of whether a baby needs immediate medical attention. You would be doing them a huge favour by spending some money on a quality instrument.

Book Shelf

You might think that a new parent has no time to read so what will they do with a bookshelf? For one, they will be given a heap of children’s books, and want to buy some themselves to read at story time with their baby.

Secondly, new parents tend to find value in that small time of calm at the end of a night. Sitting down with a cup of tea and a good book, even just for half an hour, is something they will look forward to all day. Time becomes more precious and so grabbing a moment of leisure is all that more valuable. Finally, a bookshelf will help bring order to an increasingly disorderly house.

A new parent’s first Christmas and festive season is going to be special no matter what, as they enjoy creating family memories. Make it that little extra special by getting a thoughtful and useful gift.


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