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You Can Do It: 4 Monumental Secrets of Rockstar Mompreneurs

For many women, being a mom is a full-time job. Their lives are centered around their kids. An average mom’s day involves driving children to school, picking them up from school, taking them to basketball practices or ballet recitals, cooking dinner while checking homework, and, of course, listening to kids and talking with them about everything. Being a mother is what makes you happy and many mothers wouldn’t trade it
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Mompreneurs: Steps Forward for the Moms

The eternal dispute is over your last home-baked biscuit at the table, the self-confident walk of your cousin in the dress sewn by you, questions from your friends, if you take pictures of them in the park, because the weather is so beautiful. If you are familiar with such moments, you should consider whether your passion should remain just a passion, or whether you can turn it into a profitable
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3 Simple and Quick Kid-Friendly Breakfast Recipes for Busy Mornings

A filling and nutritious breakfast is a crucial component of your child’s health, and it’s tough to deliver the breakfast your kid needs using something store-bought or frozen. On the other hand, making time to prepare a full breakfast can seem next to impossible on busy school mornings. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways to whip up something enticing and healthy for your children to eat before school.
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Parenting: Why Does Meditation Help Kids Sleep?

A surprising percentage of children, nearly 25-30 percent, have trouble getting enough sleep during their school-age and teenage years. Sleep deprivation can comprise the immune system, reduce memory and recall, as well as reduce academic performance. Most children go through phases where they struggle to get the rest they need but some have a harder time than others. For those children who seem to be chronically sleep deprived there are
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Parenting: Five Top Tips For Traveling With Children From J.F.K.

Traveling with children is a tricky business. But don’t be put off — With a bit of preparation and patience, any parent can rise to the challenge. For those of you jetting off from JFK, follow these tips to leave the Big Apple with a bounce in your step. 1. Explore Children don’t respect time pressures when traveling, so make sure you factor in plenty to maximize the minutes. For
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Why Families Should Be Your Business Top Priority

Business and family seem to be one of those impossible relationships, like the sun and the moon. You can’t have both at the same time, or at least, that’s what popular belief would like you to think. In reality, decades of forcing employees and entrepreneurs to choose between their career and their family life have proven only one thing; you can’t separate one from the other. Indeed, Millennials have made
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Parenting: What To Give the Kids This Easter

Easter is the time of the year when families get together. It’s a calm and relaxing holiday, one that’s celebrated calmly with your loved ones. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for presents, especially for children. On the contrary. Easter is a perfect time to do some gift giving, especially since gifts personify our love for those close to our hearts. Books All children love books. Those that
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A Surrogate Mother in Ukraine: How To Make A Bold Move On A Surrogacy Program in Ukraine?

Surrogate motherhood today is nothing more than a scientific solution for a serious public issue and a common problem among married couples – infertility. Often surrogacy program is the only alternative for those couples, who due to medical conditions are not able to have children, and therefore cannot experience the joy of parental happiness. To construe the use of assisted reproductive technologies and the services of a surrogate mother by