Finding Maids in Abu Dhabi

After a tiring day, with all your office work and the evening conferences, you feel exhausted. And what if the home chores are still piled up? Feel irritated? Angry or frustrated or just too tired to clean all the mess yourself?

Well, in that case, you need to get some domestic help. In a fast-moving country like Abu Dhabi, domestic help is of the most commonly sought form of labor. And maids in Abu Dhabi is one of the most cost-effective things that you have on your list of expenses.

Now, it is nothing surprising to know that most of the domestic help workers in Abu Dhabi are not the natives of the country. People from countries like India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines or Indonesia, etc are involved in the work of domestic help.

In Abu Dhabi, one can easily get someone to cook, clean and watch the children in a range of Dhs700 to Dhs1200 per month for a live-in.

Well, having help is what you would be required, but you should be aware that hiring a domestic worker in Abu Dhabi on a casual basis could land you in some serious problems. There are certain laws and regulations that are issued by the Ministry of Labor in UAE. The law states that a person would be fined Dhs50,000 for employing a worker that is not sponsored by the boss (you) or is on a work visa or who are paid in hand cash. Also, any such worker will be fined with a huge amount of dhs100,000 and lifetime imprisonment as well.

So, is it the only thing? Probably not! There are a lot of certain other things that one needs to provide domestic help as well. Let us get to know them:

  • It is mandatory that the employer send the maid home every two years and have to provide for the cost and expenses. This includes the cost of the flight, incidental expenses and food even. In case if the maid is from the original country origin, then this rule is not applicable.
  • If you let your maid go off before the end of the contractual agreement then a ban is imposed on the maid that prevents them from working for 6 months in UAE. This simply means that they have to re-enter in the country on a new visa and is also applicable if there is no objection letter from the employer as well.

Apart from all this, it is important that you go through the maid services that are advertised online thoroughly and confirm all the doubts before you just grab the exciting rates. Also, you can get the part time maids in Abu Dhabi through any reputable company that offers you affordable services ranging from dhs50 to 70 per hour. Also, with such services, you will not fall out for any government laws that you are not aware of. It is also important that you check the trade licenses of the maid services before hiring them.

So, when you are looking for domestic help in Abu Dhabi, it is important you are cautious enough. You might get the maids at the prices lower than expectations but is it really worthed? They might not be that effective that you want them to be. You can hire maids for your domestic work in Abu Dhabi easily with SmileHandyy. The process to hire maids is very simple and you simply have to follow a few steps. We will help you in finding the professional that you have been looking for and it all can be done right from the comfort of your home.

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