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If you are keen on getting shredded, you need to put in some hard work and refine your lifestyle. While there is no quick fix to building muscle and shaping your body, it does not have to be complicated when you have the right plan and dedication. Here, we look at six tips for getting ripped fast.

1.    Go heavy

To get a toned body, you need to build your muscle mass, and the best way to achieve this is through strength training. Focus on weight training at least three times a week and ensure you use heavier weights that only allow for less than 15 repetitions. Always opt for compound lifts that stress multiple muscle groups while targeting your lower and upper body. This will enable you to have a strong core, bigger legs, and wide shoulders for a better frame. Never forget that you shouldn’t exercise the same muscles for two days in a row as they need a break to recover and grow.

2.    Eat enough protein

You need to watch your diet if you are keen on getting ripped fast, and one of your top priorities should be to consume more protein. A high protein intake is the perfect complement for your strength training program as it enables you to quickly repair your muscles, lose more body fat, and bulk up. It is best to consume protein after your workout as that is when your body needs it most.

3.    Practice carb cycling

Rather than going low on carbohydrates, it is better to time your intake of these macronutrients. Carb cycling enables you to control your daily calorie consumption and utilize carbohydrates more efficiently by consuming them on your high output days. You will also avoid being too restrictive on your carbohydrate consumption and have a better overall diet to keep healthy.

4.    Don’t neglect high-intensity interval training (HIIT)

It is easy to get too engrossed in strength training until you forget about adding other workouts to your schedules. Include high-intensity interval training in your workout program to help burn more calories and fat for a leaner body. These exercises will also improve your stamina and target more muscle groups at a go.

5.    Get enough sleep

Rest is vital for muscle building as this is when your body heals and repairs. Aim to get at least seven hours of quality sleep each night to keep your energy level high and have better mental focus. This will propel you to train better and help combat daily stress for better results.

6.    Stay consistent

It is vital to stick to your workout program and diet to get the desired results in a matter of weeks. Staying consistent saves you from starting from scratch after those long breaks by maintaining your muscle-building progress. You will also get better in your workouts and go through a successful body transformation that will keep you from looking back.


Getting ripped might not be an overnight process, but you can still achieve your fitness goals faster by putting these tips into practice.



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