Preparing a research paper requires lots of effort, years of dedication and knowledge. There is nothing more satisfying than completing a research paper on which you have been working for many years. But one of the biggest hurdles which lie between the potential readers and your research paper is the language, especially if English is not your primary language. Your many years of hard work in the form of your research paper might go in vain just because it hasn’t been translated.

Over many years, English has become the most basic and popular language for research papers. By writing your research paper in a different language, you curtail its reach and limit its chances of success. But you can bridge the gap between your native language and English by choosing a reliable and academic translation service. Many researchers write their research paper in other languages other than English and then get it translated into English. But choosing the right academic translation servicesis very necessary. Otherwise, your English translated research paper will be a far cry from what you have actually written in your research paper.

So, let’s go through the five factors that you need to consider while choosing an academic translation service.

Specialized translating service

The academic translation is all about subject specialization. Unlike other translation services, you can’t go on picking any translation service for your academic paper. In addition to a good grasp of English, the translation service should be specialized in the subject of your research paper as well. Most of the researchers want their research paper to be translated into author language. For the same, the translated research paper must retain the message and work of your research.

If the academic translation service provider does not have a subject specialization, then different people will perceive different meanings of your research. For an impeccable translation, the translator must understand the subject of your research and its basic motive.

Privacy and security

Another important factor to consider while choosing an academic translation service is privacy and security. Most of the researchers maintain a high level of privacy while working on a research paper because evil-minded people are always in search of stealing someone else’s work. You will never wish to compromise on the privacy and security of your research paper after giving it to an academic translation service.

If your research paper lands in the hands of an evil-minded person before publication, then all he will need to do is to change the author’s name in order to steal your years of hard work. This is why you should choose only those academic translation services that have ISO certified IT security system.

Bilingual review

It doesn’t matter how experienced or skilled a translator is, he or she will always be prone to errors. While most of the academic translation service providers strive to maintain a high level of accuracy when it comes to translating research papers, chances are that minor mistakes may likely pop up. This is why even the experts allude to opt for only those academic translation services that offer a bilingual review.

In bilingual review, the translation service provider sends the research paper for review to experts of both the language (non-English and English) after translation. A bilingual review will not only improve the accuracy of translation but enhance the consistency as well. So, before making the final decision, always ask your potential academic translation service provider whether they offer a bilingual review or not.


Just being sure about the subject expertise and bilingual review will not guarantee top-notch translation of your academic paper. Always go through the process followed by the translation service provider for assuring quality translation. Reputed academic translation services use different methodology and send the translated research paper for multiple reviews before sending you the final copy. You should know that translating some of the theories, calculations or results in another language can be tricky. Also, they can’t be done successfully if the translation service provider fails to maintain quality throughout the translation process.

Experience and price

Another important thing to check while choosing academic translation services is their experience and price. An experienced academic translation service will give you a top-notch translation service. In addition to this, there are maximum chances that an experienced translation service provider must have worked on a paper similar to yours. This familiarity with the research paper will further improve the quality of translation and chances of errors will be nullified.

You should also not miss to check the basic price structure and check if there are any hidden charges for add-on services or speedy translation. Some translators will charge you a flat fee while others will have a per-page or per-word fee structure.

Choosing the right academic translation service is very important; otherwise, your years of hard work will go astray. A well-translated research paper will enhance the reach of your paper and it will convey the same result and finding that you worked upon.

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