Understanding the Scribal Art

This is a form of art that was created a long time ago, but it was illuminated to preserve it. Because of the age of the art, it is hard to preserve it in its original condition. But with proper illumination, it remains relevant and people can learn about the history effectively.

This particular form of art is mostly associated with the ancient Hebrews who drew images and formed sculptors as a way of passing messages. The art that was made in those days is available in a different form where it is hundreds of years old. With this advanced age, it is hard to preserve it and as a result, contemporary Israeli artists have been illuminating it in the Jewish paintings intending to preserve the rich history.

Ways in Which the Manuscript Were Illuminated

The illumination of this traditional Jewish art was done by professional artists who had the necessary skills and materials. The art was converted using modern techniques such as sculptures, photography, painting and metalwork amongst others. The modern techniques ensure that all the details are captured without the message being distorted. These are some of the primary reasons why the illumination needed to be done by professional contemporary Israeli artists so that the messages could remain the same in the Jewish religious paintings.

Roles of the manuscripts in transmitting the Torah

The Torah was able to be transmitted more effectively because even people who could not understand the Jewish language could understand some of the aspects of the manuscripts. This is helpful since there were even some Jewish people who could not read properly. But through the popular manuscripts, it became possible for almost everyone to comprehend the messages. Furthermore, through the transcripts, the Torah has been able to reach people of different generations. If the manuscripts had been left without being illuminated, they would surely have been destroyed. Consequently, some people would never get a chance to get the first-hand experience of the messages being transmitted.

Importance of Virtual Element in Spreading Biblical Stories

The virtual element is important because it creates consistent. When there are different virtual elements describing the same thing, it becomes easier to believe the story is explained. This is an important aspect when it comes to biblical stories especially considering that they happened many years ago.

The virtual element is also instrumental because it explains some things which are hard to explain using words. Certain things were being used in traditional settings, such as certain tools. Some of these things are no longer being used and as a result, explaining how they looked like can be very challenging. But with virtual explanation, almost anyone can understand all the aspects being displayed.

It is also helpful to use the virtual element on the biblical stories. This element eliminates the language barrier, where almost everyone can easily understand. This has made the biblical stories spread more effectively in different parts of the world.

Famous illuminated books

One of the greatest illuminated manuscripts is the Book of Durrow, which is believed to have been originally written between 650-700CE. Codex Amiatinus and Lindisfarne Gospels are also among the most popular illuminated books.

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