Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Cara Devine, and Gigi Hadid share their best model beauty tips and secrets for flawless hair, healthy skin, and a stress-free lifestyle.

Beauty advice coming from a model may seem superficial, but models still face confidence issues like everyone else. They offer valuable insight on how their attention-grabbing looks are easier to achieve than you may think.

Learn their industry secrets and beautifying remedies with these 5 simple, yet cutting-edge tips that will help you transform these inspirational looks into a reality.

Expressions of personality through hairstyles is more prevalent now than ever – but a change in style can be tedious, expensive and end up doing real damage to your hair in the long run. If you’ve been on the fence about shaking things up, or are unwilling to make the commitment to a more complicated look, we have good news for you.

With the more alternative appeal of 70’s and 90’s fashion making a comeback, so are some of their hair looks, like low-maintenance bangs. But when humidity becomes a factor – models like Gigi Hadid put their hair in a messy top bun or even a 90’s style high ponytail. You can keep your hair in place and know that you’re looking good while doing it!

Most importantly, be sure that you’re doing the right thing for your hair type. One of the many burgeoning salons will guarantee a quality cut – and big-name stores like Nordstrom or Ulta will have your hair product needs covered while offering a great deal at the same time!

Long, bold eyelashes seem to be the next logical step in the wake of our obsession over big, bold eyebrows. It’s important to know that you can achieve a voluminous look without having to resort to fake lashes.

A lot of women have taken inspiration from models like Kendall Jenner who wore the Twiggy-inspired lumpy eyelash – so if you think you’ve just gone overboard with that new mascara brush, then think again before starting over!

The right mascaras are so important to the application process, and you want something that will allow you as much control as possible. Even more importantly, you also want something reliable when it becomes hot and sticky. We recommend a volumizing mascara like Lancome Definicils or Loreal Unlimited.

A new wave of skin science is driving increasingly Earth-friendly and advanced technologies to the forefront of the med spa industry – and as the push for organic materials in all corners of the beauty world continues, treatment techniques will become only more effective as we continue into the new year.

Think of new face mask formulas and massage techniques that account for a greater understanding of healthcare science. Spas will continue to push the envelope as providing holistic, responsible care to the client remains the competitive factor.

Supermodel Joanna Krupa reveals Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center to be one of her beauty secrets. You can check out big-name locations like the spa treatment center at the Four Seasons Hotel, or if you’re looking for a more clinical experience, consider visiting a medical spa.

As younger generations refer more to model beauty tips and secrets for their skincare advice, they are becoming more aware of the abundance of products on the marketplace. Whatever your skin type, the right product is there for you – but don’t be so quick to disregard a similar, more eco-friendly option.

As we develop a better understanding of how the skin is affected by makeup, products will become more personalized to fit your specific needs while remaining faithful to environmentally friendly practices. Supermodel Miranda Kerr created her own organic skincare line, Kora Organics, which focuses on protecting and nurturing the skin.

2019 will be the year of striking that perfect balance between products – the balance that will deliver the natural glow and confidence boost that we’ve all been looking for while ensuring an organic, environmentally conscious approach.


Models and other celebrities are becoming more attuned to the fact that a cheap makeup palette will give you a comparable amount of vibrancy and contour detail as an expensive one. They shed light on a real truth: a lot of the time it’s not the quality of the product that brings the attention, it’s the creativity of the user.

Model Hunter McGrady, is known to use brands like Nyx which can be found at your local drug store. So think twice before scoffing at the selection at your local drug store. Maybe the product you just walked by is the perfect one for your look and for your budget. Check out the selection at your local CVS Pharmacy and enjoy building your look while saving some money!

These model beauty tips and secrets are so simple and will help you look flawless in 2019. Try some of these secrets to help you transform these desirable looks into a reality.

Author Bio: Samantha Thorenson is an independent beauty and aesthetic content writer who has been featured in magazines like Allure and NewBeauty. Her blogging expertise is mainly focused on beauty and fashion but she is always looking for opportunities to immerse herself in new topics and different areas of interest. Samantha is based out of Southern California and currently lives with her husband, John, and their two chocolate labs, Coco & Hershey. She enjoys gardening in her free time and her current obsession is Game of Thrones.

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