Five Signs it is Time to Clean Your Roof

If you are very particular in the proper maintenance of your home, it is a sane idea to start by cleaning your roof. Afterall it provides protection to your family and home, from extreme weather conditions. Your roof is part of the aesthetic look of your home or office and obviously, a dirty or shabby-looking roof is a turn off for your guests. However, it’s not only about aesthetics, but the major issue behind the dirty roof is the hygiene factor. The accumulation of dirt and other hybrid bacteria can cause severe infections and diseases, affecting the whole house. 

There are many other reasons that you should have your roof washed on a regular basis. It will not only increase the life of your roof material but it will also prevent the mold and algae from making their habitat right on top of your shelter. If you’re concerned about the state of your house roof, here are the five signs making it more obvious that you require professional roof cleaning service to keep it in the best condition.

  • Shaky Shingles

Weather conditions have their effects on the shingles with the passage of time, thereby making them shaky. The shingles may get shaky, bent or even break with time. It may require replacing the shingles all over your roof, however, shaky or de-shaped shingles is the first sign that you require roof cleaning. If in case you have a cedar roof, the black marks on it will signal it is about time you hire a roof cleaning service. 

One thing that you need to be very careful about, while you are up to a proper roof cleaning it is better to hire professionals since low or high-pressure cleanings will destroy the delicate surface of your shingles. Professional roof cleaners will take care of every minor detail. 

  • Flagrant Algae & Moss

You must pay attention to any awkward signs visible on your roof. The unattended and dirty roofs lead to the formation of algae, lichen growth, moss, mold and bacterial growth, which eventually becomes the breeding ground for insects and pests. This flagrant algae and moss formation is not only insightful but can lead to the shorter life span of your home’s rooftops. It means that you can end up paying a lot on the replacement of these rooftops. 

Moss and lichen grow specifically where there is a lot of moisture available. Humid climate and lots of precipitation provide ideal weather for moss and molds to grow on the roofs. It is also dangerous as it makes the surface slippery to walk on. If the roofs are not monitored regularly, moss and algae growth forms a thick layer. Due to this, moss creeps under your roof shingles making the shingles shaky and loose leaving the indoors of your home filled with moisture smell and damaging the frameworks as well. 

Many pests grow in such an environment, especially termites destroy the foundations and frameworks which is again very difficult to control. If molds travel down the walls to affect your living areas, it can turn out to be health threatening. This is an alarming state and professional cleaners should be sought immediately to safeguard your house.

  • Check Abnormal Flashing

Do keep a check for loose, bent or broken flashing of chimneys. Flashing is the material that serves to weatherproof the joints around the edge of chimneys, vents, etc. It serves as a resistance to wind and water intrusion. These errors on your roof should be fixed immediately to combat high winds, rain or other severe weather conditions. Always use a metal flashing system, which is a long-term solution instead of cement or tar flashing.

  • Aged/Weathered look

Roofs are meant to last for about 20-25 years or more on average. The aged visuals of your roof signify greatly that it has been long ignored and no proper maintenance had ever taken place to preserve its appearance as well as its physical state. Although if the base layer of your roof is above twenty years old, the need for changing the roof completely becomes higher.

  • Clogged Vents or Gutters

Whenever you clean your gutters, keep a check of finding any residue of shingle granules present. When the life of your roof shingles starts degradation, your roof starts losing granules of shingles traveling into the gutter eventually in bits and pieces. Check your vents for any clogging which also means that your residential roof has not been cleaned lately.

The Final Word

Neglecting the timely cleaning of your roof can lead to severe irreparable damage. A professional cleaning and inspection every year can save you from a hefty monetary loss and leave you without stress. Your timely cleaning and maintenance will not only give your house a spectacular look but will also add value to its worth. 

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