Episode 20 “I Know Who You Are” kicked off with that exact sentiment. Flash and Savitar meet in the streets and Barry proclaims to know. Finally, we get the identity of Savitar this episode. But before we get to that, read on if you dare there will be spoilers.

Predictably, this episode was all about Barry and the team trying to hunt down Tracy Brand. Of course Team Flash isn’t the only one’s hunting down Tracy, the clumsy and frustrated scientist. Savitar sends Killer Frost on her trail as well. Cisco steps in for the save only to blow it. Barry ultimately saves the day and the classic not wanting to harm a friend unfolds. Much of this episode is spent building friction between Julian and Cisco for that very reason.

Cisco isn’t the only one struggling with his feelings. Joe is confronted with his feelings for Cecile. That alone tells you all you need to know about what happens next. Of course, Killer Frost kidnaps Cecile to lure the team into giving up Tracy in exchange. This time Killer Frost gets the upper hand and Cisco has to come in for the save. Fast forward back to Joe and Cecile there’s a highlighter on the most frustrating part of the show.

The brief moment between Joe and Cecile is more intimate than anything Barry and Iris have shared. Why do side characters get more of a connection than the two main characters? I get the CW wants to keep it from being their typical chick flick persona, but come on already. It’s not like they can’t write those moments. Barry had them with both his parents. Where is the chemistry here? The moment where Joe trusts Cecile enough to reveal to her his secrets and let his guard down never comes across for Iris/Barry and I hope one day it does.

When Joe returns home to tell his family she knows their secrets, Barry’s head starts spinning. The more Joe talks the more everything comes together. As if a lightbulb goes off in his head we see him start to figure out just who Savitar is. Racing back to the street in the opening scene, Barry “I know who you are”, and Savitar reveals himself. There we see, not HR Wells, not Ronnie Raymond as predicted but Barry himself.

Of course, It’s future Barry but there are plenty of questions to ask. How far in the future is this Barry from? Which timeline is he from? Is he Barry from the initial storyline’s future? Flashpoint Barry? Or a whole different story? No matter which timeline he’s from, they don’t have a lot of time to create details. The season is almost over and not only do they have to build up that story, they have to have the resolve. As much as I’ve enjoyed this season, the Savitar storyline needs to end at the end of this season. If it spills over into the next it’ll be too much.

Speaking of spilling over, I wanna see more Killer Frost. Her sequence against Flash and the rest of the team was fun to watch. They transitioned well, we got to see a few her powers, and even showed the team’s reluctance to attack. Maybe Caitlyn Snow is gone for good, but if they can create the antihero role down the road it would do the character so much justice. As long as we got to see the transition unfold. I need to see the heartbreaking moment where she tells the team to let Caitlin go. The Flash needs that powerful, touching, real moment such as Eddie dying in season 1.

While there are just three episodes left this season, there are plenty of stories left to come. There’s resolution with Savitar, the hope that Julian is a permanent member of the team, and how Killer Frost plays into the future. Then once they resolve all that, at some point there will be the cliffhanger ending that’ll keep us waiting until October’s return. Finally, this season is hitting its stride, but they need to push the envelope in the coming weeks. Showrunners say a speedster won’t be a villain in season 4, guess we’ll have to see who it’ll be by season’s end. Tune in next week as the Flash recap returns.

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