The Flash

Finally, the Flash has returned after a short break. After almost a month off, the show picks up quite fast. Tonight’s episode “The Once Future Flash” was one of the more somber but powerful episodes. Directed by Team Flash member Tom Cavanaugh himself, this episode felt strangely different from what we’re used to in a good way. If you watched, great. If not, put down your phone/computer then come back to us. Wouldn’t want to spoil it by you reading on.

Barry runs forward in time to attempt to find the true identity of Savitar. His trip doesn’t go as planned and he finds Team Flash and himself shells of their former selves. In the future, he runs into familiar but none too friendly faces in Mirror Master and The Top. Hopefully, the return of Mirror Master makes him lead candidate for the main villain role. Barry seeks out his former colleagues and is met with no more answers than he came with. After he’s stuck in the future, there’s the shocking realization that his team is nothing without him. Killer Frost is held captive, Cisco lost his power at the hands of Frost and he and Joe’s relationship is gone. After brief soul-searching, Flash stays in the future to help his former friends defeat Mirror Master and The Top.

Major issue: Even after Barry abandons them, I don’t see Team Flash giving up. It goes against everything superhero. Lucky for us, it comes back around at the end of the episode.

Episode Highlights: Sidekick fight that never was, Cisco vs Killer Frost. Fast forward a few minutes, and we are teased again! Hopefully, we see this play out to an extent.

There’s a pretty great one liner by Barry.

Best moment was the Flash team up at the end.

In one of the more intense scenes, Barry is face to face with Killer Frost trying to find the identity of Savitar.

By the end of the episode, we see Killer Frost walking through a dark forest. Immediately is met by Savitar who reveals himself to her. Of course, they cut out before hand. Looks like we’ll have to wait one more week.

The Take: Honestly, this is one of the better episodes that I’ve seen in a while. The episode itself set up future stories as well as advanced some of the current. They even teased a new character. The main appeal of this episode was playing on viewers emotions but not painting themselves into a corner with where the story could go. On top of that, it also set up anticipation for next week’s show with the Savitar semi-reveal. The only downside is them waiting too long in each season to reveal the villain. They’ve gone to that well too many times. Hopefully, in season 4 we’ll get a villain who we know who they are early on. Other than that, a solid episode that wasn’t just filler. Rated: 4/5.

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