By Harris Scott

“Momos or dumplings” the word itself can salivate any food lover because of their yummy taste and different flavours.

These days this dish is very commonly found in many of the cafes and restaurants and is also liked by the masses. Not only are they cheap but yum with a stuffing of different variety and even various shapes.

The momos are served hot steamed or fried with a dipping sauce which is quite tangy and spicy making it bit tastier.

Actually, momos have now replaced the oldies i.e. the samosas of the yore and are now found in every street corner like the samosa and pakoda which were found a few years back.

Types of Momos famous in our country-This excellent low-calorie dish is found in types like:

· Steamed MomosPreparing the momos in no oil i.e. steaming them with the fillings makes it great for the hypertensive individuals. These scrumptious juicy momos are stuffed or filled with minced veggies which are great for health or meat and are put in dumpling steamer. It is seen that people who are more of diet conscious, eat steamed momos instead of fried ones so it makes this momos go away quickly. This will help to save at least 20 calories per piece.

· Fried MomosAnother crunchy version of momos made by deep frying them with the stuffing filled in them, gives them the different taste that will make you forget about the health once for all and enjoy its taste altogether.

· Open MomosThis version of momos is not found very commonly at all the cafes. They are generally not closed or wrapped but momo wraps have four openings which make it easier to pour the famous assortment of distinctive momo sauces and veggies to give them a new taste.

· Tandoori MomosOne cannot leave the tandoor assortment thing with any of the dishes that are prepared especially in India. Thus, the lip smacking combo of momo and tandoori is one to watch out for its taste and presentation. It has a very rich texture that attracts every taste bud to definitely drool over it.

· Cheese MomosIn this type of momos, the dough of the momos are stuffed with the best choice of tatse like the paneer, Khuwa or Cheese and is served with achar i.e. the spicy red chutney. Though, it sounds something unusual, consuming a dairy product in the form of momo stuffing but it is always an option.

Momos are not that tough to be prepared at home as they have very commonly used ingredients from our kitchen and one can also stroll for momos recipe in Hindi to get the exact blend of taste and presentation of the dish. People are hooked by the taste and availability of the dish that it has tends to become an evening snack for many of the momo lovers. The seasoning in the stuffing delicate mix can be either veg or non-veg depending on the taste and liking of the consumer. Taste one and enjoy the dumplings with white or red sauce for an excellent taste.

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