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Food: How To Eat Like A Local In Australia

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Travelling to Australia soon but you don’t want to indulge in all the ‘touristy’ things? Truly experience Australia like the locals do, don’t worry it’s not all kangaroo and shrimp!

Visit Local Pubs

You can never go wrong with a local pub, it is relatively inexpensive, and always provides for a great atmosphere to catch up with mates. Australia has some of the world best pub food. We love our pubs and there’s honestly nothing more comforting than a cozy beer garden.

We recommend trying a Chicken parma (parmigiana). This is the most classic Aussie pub food, you will find it either served on a burger or with a plate of chips. The Aussie staples is just a fillet that is crumbed and deep fried, following that it is covered with marinara sauce and topped with tasty cheese which is then melted. It is what every Aussie will turn to when in doubt of what to order.

Credit: Photo by John Cafazza on Unsplash


Australia’s a great country that offers some of the freshest produce and meat. Take advantage of it and create some amazing meals from the best foods local Australian grocers have to offer! Some our favorites include the pavola (every grandma has a delicious recipe for this up their sleeve). If you looking for something a bit meatier give the classic shepards pie a go, and make sure you grab some Aussie beef, it’s delicious.

Host Your First Barbie Right

For your first Aussie BBQ you need to head to the supermarket and grab some snags (sausages). You will find that snags are one of the most essential parts to an Aussie barbie. Make sure you also grab one of the best propane smoker.

When you’re grabbing the snags make sure you get bread, tomato sauce, and onions ready to go with them. You will find that BBQ’d onions are also an integral part of the barbie. All you need to do is thinly slice a few onions, throw them on the barbie with some oil and sugar (only a tablespoon or so) and caramelise.

When your invited to an Aussie BBQ make sure you bring a salad. A red hot fav at all Aussie barbies would be the Asian crunchy salad, everyone will have a story of how there mums used to make this classic.

Credit: Photo by Kirsty TG on Unsplash

Head To The Markets

Australia has some of the most incredible food markets. Some notable Australian food markets to take note of would include: the Saturday market at Carriageworks in Sydney, NSW, Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne and the Fremantle Markets in Perth.

Australia’s food markets are known to sell great fresh produce but that’s not all! Food markets offer a great local atmosphere and also offer great street food. Many food markets also include incredible niche food stalls.

Credit: Photo by Mohammad Saifullah on Unsplash

Get Excited About The Melting Pot of Cultures

Australia is a country that’s incredibly proud of their inclusion of cultural diversity. In fact, Australia is known worldwide for being home to people from a vast array of cultural backgrounds. Locals don’t only restrict themselves to burgers, fish and chips, seafood and steaks. Australians love their Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai etc. food.

Australia has transformed into a country that is essentially an amalgamation of all different countries so it’s not at all difficult to find some great places to eat international foods.

Do Your Research

With technology being so readily available and accessible, you can easily turn to your phones for some great locations for amazing local Australian food places! You might have heard of the usual ones like Yelp & Trip Advisor, however, there are some locals ones which really provide great information on where the locals actually love to eat.

Try using Zomato, it has local food bloggers who take finding and eating great food very seriously. You won’t be lead astray here or end up in some tourist trap!

Now you know the food and places you have to head to to always eat like a local here in Aussie. Now go out and get yourself a snag sandwich (it will make you totally cultured).

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