Your past time may be using your smartphone but that is somebody else’s business. Yes! A mobile app that we use in our day to day activities can make real big money.

With the usage of mobile phones being on a hike, there are greater chances of mobile app being the most disruptive business platform commemorating even the website. Needless to say, in the vogue to go digital, mobile apps have given a new form to digitization with the ease to business for the businessmen and the convenience to use for the customers.

This is the sole reason why there is a rise in the search engine result for the queries like, “How to build a mobile app?”, “What is the Cost of app development?”, “How to outsource mobile app development projects?” and so on.

If you are an aspiring businessman and want to be a part of this mobile business space, but don’t know where to start from, we are here to help you make wise decisions by presenting unique and simple ideas for your mobile app business to start small and go big.

Simple App Ideas to Start Small and Go Big

Here is a list of simple mobile app development ideas that does not cost a lot to develop and are easy to maintain:

  • Scan. Shop. Go

Type: eCommerce mobile app development

Scan. Shop. Go is a simple mobile app idea that can be created with little or no hassle at all. The apps can be build such that it allows the customers to scan the product within the app and make their search online. Once they find their product, they can easily buy them from the online shopping sites easily.

Expansion: Once you have enough customers, you can incorporate our own little inventory
in the app.

· Smart Chef

Type: Cooking mobile app development

This one’s freshly brewed idea from the chef’s kitchen. Just like the name, the app is a smart app that takes input from the customers in terms of the ingredients they have. The algorithms then find out a recipe that can be cooked using those ingredients.

Expansion: You can incorporate a “buy ingredient now” and add some exclusive recipes to try for your customers.

· Virtual Table Booking

Type: Restaurant mobile app development

Ain’t nobody got to time to wait. Not even at restaurants. The virtual table booking app allows the diners to view the settings of a restaurant and book the table of their choice. They should be provided with features that can even help them customize their tables.

Expansion: You can add menu of the restaurant to the app so that the diners can even place an order while booking.

· Grade an A

Type: EdTech mobile app development

Think of the students, think education first! Grade an A can be a virtual exam study app wherein the students can collaborate with other students and prepare for their exams. The learning app should be integrated with a chat module for carrying out discussions.

Expansion: With time you can incorporate promoted study tools to help the students leverage the most out of it.

· Give my Regards

Type: On-demand mobile app development

Special occasion? Help your customers send across their gifts and flowers to their loved ones. The customers will be able to select their gifts and customize a bouquet of flowers for their delivery.

Expansion: Have a feature with customize notes. Include this heartfelt notes to the deliveries and charge extra.

· Foodie

Type: Food mobile app development

Who doesn’t love to eat? Well, you are lying if you say you don’t. With FOODIE, the users can recommendation and review various restaurants, fine dining, and eatery outlets for other users.

Expansion: You can later incorporate a deliver now option.

· Renovate

Type : Lifestyle mobile app development

Renovate, a virtual interior designer mobile app will allow your customers to upload the picture of their room and renovate it using various colors, tools, objects, furniture, and designs. They can see what looks the best on their room with the help of the mobile app.

Expansion: You can collaborate with home and decor vendors and have an inventory with their products.

Things to Take Care of While Building an eCommerce Mobile App Starting from

Conceptualization as to what your USP of your Mobile app is going to be to launching a Beta Version for testing, there are many important things to be considered for developing a mobile app.

If you are new to mobile app development, you might feel it hard the first time, however do not quit yet. We are here to help.
No matter what mobile app you choose to run your business with, the fundamentals remain the same. All you need to do is brand your app properly and add your USP to it for your business to rank high in the search engine results.

Here is an ideal step-by-step process for creating and launching an eCommerce Mobile app that you should follow in your trail to run a successful eCommerce business:

Keep in mind the sole aim of your mobile app is to solve an existing issue and not create one. That is going to be your USP.

Research and analyze well on your mobile app idea and test it. Do not rush for expansion right from start.

Make marketing an important part of your mobile app. Get discovered by your audience by reaching out to them via blogs, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.
Launch with appeal! Get your customers on-board by providing them referrals, discounts, offers, deals, and so on.

Key Takeaway
Ultimately, the quality of developing a mobile app is all what makes the difference. Outsource resources if you have to. Hand your mobile app development project to a team of experts who are passionate about their work. Of course budget plays an important role. It is advisable to consider variable factors and talk to your developers about the cost of building your mobile app beforehand.

Author’s Bio: Shahid Mansuri Co-founded Peerbits & Yelowsoft, one of the leading mobile application development company USA, in 2011. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base on “how to build a mobile app” with leaned concentration.







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