Many coffee lovers are known to take the taste of their coffee very seriously. Whether you are having a cheap cup of coffee at home or enjoying an elegant, specially blended Gimoka espresso from Italy, coffee is loved around the world without a doubt. But did you know that those coffee ground you might throw directly into the trash actually has many uses post-brew? Here are just a few examples of ways to apply your used ground coffee. We’re sure you’ll love these.

Outdoor Use

Ground coffee is compostable and can be used to balance the pH levels in your compost bin. If you don’t have a compost bin, however, the grounds can also be used as fertilizer and sprinkled around your garden to help your plants grow. They can even change the color of hydrangea blooms from pink to blue by changing the acidity levels of the soil.The strong scent of grounds acts as a natural bug repellant. Spread the grounds around the foundation of your home or the perimeter of your garden to help keep away ants, slugs and snails. The grounds can also be dried and burned to keep mosquitos at bay during summer evenings.

Indoor Use

Nothing smells better than a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Imagine having that smell in your house whenever you’d like without having to brew a pot. Make your home smell amazing with coffee scented candles. You can buy wicks and plain, unscented wax from any craft store. If you would like to be eco-friendly, you can reuse old, unscented wax from used up candles around your house. First, melt the wax and stir in your used coffee grounds. Next, pour the wax/coffee mixture into a jar and drop the wick down the middle before the wax cools.

You can use old coffee grounds as a deodorizer for your fridge or trash can. To use in the fridge, keep dried coffee grounds into a jar and place in the fridge with the lid off. For deodorizing your trash can cut the leg off of a pair of pantyhose and fill with coffee grounds. Dangle the scent booster from the lid of your trash can to keep your garbage from smelling foul.

Personal Use

Forget about buying expensive skin exfoliators from the store. You can replace them with coffee grounds. The roughness of the grounds helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, without irritating your face or body. You can choose to rub the grounds into your skin during a shower or mix it with almond oil and sugar to make a decadent sugar scrub to give as a gift for almost any occasion.
You can eliminate product buildup from your hair by scraping your scalp with coffee grounds. After shampooing your hair simply massage coffee grounds into your scalp to remove buildup from hairspray, pomade, and other hair products. Rinse well and condition for shinier hair and a healthier feeling scalp.

Feeling Empowered? Let’s Put This Knowledge To Use

Knowledge is power. Indeed it is. Well now that you are aware of the ways to reuse coffee grounds, go ahead and give these tips a try. We are sure you would feel great sharing these tips with your friends over a hot cuppa. If you are a coffee lover just like us, don’t forget to check out this coffee brand called Gimoka Coffee for premium coffee grounds and a wide variety of coffee products – be it coffee beans or coffee capsules for your Nespresso or Lavazza machines. We hope you’ll enjoy the experience, share with us how you liked these tips #GetMoreCoffee

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