Everyone knows walking is beneficial to health. Walking regularly not only improves blood circulation, but it also helps to keep you motivated in works, it helps to curb out excess fat, it helps to keep your heart and lungs in good condition. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine says,

Walking groups are effective and safe with good adherence and wide-ranging health benefits. They could be a promising intervention as an adjunct to other healthcare or as a proactive health-promoting activity.

Walking Alone or in Groups?

Walking is not only walking only. It comes with many other benefits. Often people feel bored while walking alone. Walking in groups allows greater bonding between walking partners, increases social bonding and finally, of course, you can find a person who mentally matches with you. Moreover, you have the option to share your useful thoughts, exercise programs, healthcare routines with someone else and make corrections if needed. So, it is for sure, walking in groups is much more beneficial. 

But the question is, during COVID19 is it possible or is it good to walk in groups?

While everyone is maintaining social distance, it is obvious that during this pandemic situation walking in groups could be a daunting task. How to solve this problem? WOBL is here to solve.

WOBL: The Social App for Walk Lovers

Like any other social activity like WhatsApp groups, Messenger Chat, or Telegram groups, WOBL allows you to connect with people. The difference is WOBL just focuses on walking groups rather than welcoming everyone to the platform. By this way, you can keep yourself connected to the community fo your type, who loves to walk and who thinks walking motivates themselves to do something better.

What benefits do WOBL Offer?

WOBL is an app that helps you to connect with your walking partner. So, say no to boring waling alone. Rather than form a group of people of the same interest and walk with them. Compare your results and check whether you have to improve something.

The major benefits and features of using the WOBL app are-

  • It allows inviting your friends and family to walk together. All of your walking and pedometer data will be shown to everyone. It is like virtual walking tours in real-time with the WOBL app members.
  • It creates a leaderboard to motivate others to walk.
  • The app does not require any GPS activity, thus reduces the consumption of battery energy.
  • It tracks your activity as well as your walking partner’s activity by counting steps and pedometer activities.
  • You can chat with your WOBL friends in real-time like other messaging apps.

How to Get WOBL?

To get the WOBL app, visit wobl.app. It is available at app store too. There are two versions available: Basic version and Pro version.

To check people’s reactions after using WOBL and upcoming features of the WOBL app you can follow them on WOBL Twitter too.

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