Whenever someone makes a list of their favourite cities to visit, most probably Tuzla will not be on that list. Due to the conflict in Bosnia Herzegovina, the tourism potential of Tuzla didn’t get highlighted. However, now, everything is settled down and we can have a conversation about the beauty of Tuzla. 

The journey to Tuzla will intrigue people who love adventure. Those who get thrilled by exploring the unexplored or untouched will enjoy every time there. Apart from that, if you have no time to explore Tuzla, you can have a connecting flight from Tuzla to anywhere. The benefit for you will be Cheap Flights from Tuzla to your desired destination. 

The question still stands, What are the tourist destinations in Tuzla?

Here are some of them.

Pannonian Salty Lakes

The Pannonian lake inTulza is an artificial lake and is the only salty lake in the whole European continent. During summertime, the lake is full of people who came from far to just relax in the calm water.  There are essentially three lakes which were made one after another with the gap of some years. The first lake was made in 2003. After seeing the positive response, they were compelled to build the next two. At their peak, the lakes can accommodate up to 17000 people. The speciality of the lake complex is its water fountains, cascades, waterfall, swimming pools, slides, and hydromassage jets. All these features when they come together offer an unforgettable, thrilling and adventurous experience. 

Mostar Clock Tower

If you are interested in  Historical buildings, Tulza is the right place for you. There are many ancient monuments that will leave you wondering. One of those buildings is the Mostar clock tower. It is one of the remains of the Ottoman empire that used to rule over it before its collapse. Although they are gone, their influence can still be observed in the art and architecture of Bosnians. Due to the Balkan Wars, the structure is damaged from different parts. Therefore, no tourist is allowed inside the tower. However, you can visit it from outside. If you are not a fan of historical sites, you can always get cheap Flights from Tuzla and go to other cities or even countries. 

National Theatre 

Another historical place still presents and functioning is the National theatre. If you are interested in arts, drama, and culture then this place will be a jackpot for you. The history of the theatre goes as far back as 1898. The best time to visit the theatre is in November. There is an event held every year named “Tuzla’s Days of Theatre”. The festival lasts for two weeks and all the theatres of the region are celebrated. Many renowned directors and actors also take part in the event. 

The Old Town

The best place to experience the culture and the way of life of other people is through their towns. Now with modernization, the aesthetic vibe of a town is lost. It seems like there is no soul. However, Tulza is able to preserve its old town. You will find the influence of Ottomans and Austrians in the makeup of the town. Koroso is the main street in the town. It is the best place to hang out and enjoy the traditional cafes of Bosnia. 

If these things spark energy in you, then pack your bags and get the tickets to Tulza. Plus, after that get the Cheap Flights from Tuzla to anywhere. 

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