Jacksonville Jaguars and NFL Draft
Jacksonville Jaguars

There has been plenty of talk in the last week regarding the Cleveland Browns and which player will be taking first overall in the NFL Draft.

While management spins a great yarn over whether Myles Garrett or Mitchell Trubisky will be the team’s new poster boy, there is talk the Browns may try to trade up with a chance to take both players.

Leave it to Cleveland to panic and take a quarterback who may not be ready for prime time. Quarterbacks like Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, and Johnny Manziel have proven this team has made some awful decisions in the past. Consequently, they are still dealing with them today.

Cleveland has plenty of ammunition to move up from the 12th pick but they are not the only ones who could be active in the trade business come April 27. The Jacksonville Jaguars have been linked to many teams, trading back in acquiring draft picks while allowing teams who need a quarterback or running back the opportunity to slide in and make their choice.

As a fan, I’m hoping Jacksonville doesn’t succumb to temptation and grabs LSU running back Leonard Fournette.

Who am I kidding? This is Jacksonville – the team that has not had the greatest draft record of late.

The Jacksonville Jaguars can move down and still grab a pass rusher or a running back. There’s also talk this team may look at linebacker and of course the secondary could still use another strong hitter. Team General Manager David Caldwell wants to erase the stench of his first draft class in 2013. Moreover, the misses in the following three seasons. He must stick to his guns and take the best player at four. Or, trade back and acquire many picks to make it worthwhile.

While I’m writing this, our fearless leader Robert Cobb will find it interesting that his Cleveland Browns could still wind up with Garrett and a quarterback to lead his team, the Browns, in the future. For now, this is the Jaguars’ time to make an impression on the NFL. Everybody says once again this team won free agency. Hence, it is time for them to win the NFL Draft and start winning games in the regular season.

Here are four teams that could call on the teal and black to make a trade.

Cleveland Browns – The first logical team. Cleveland has plenty of ammunition to move up, securing many draft picks over the next couple of years. While I saw the report over the weekend that says Cleveland could trade with San Francisco and acquire the second pick in the draft, a trade for number four seems more likely.

The Jacksonville Jaguars would acquire the 12th pick in the draft and possibly a first-round pick in 2018. They may also require the 33rd pick in the draft. The Browns would take Garrett with the first pick. And maybe Deshaun Watson with the fourth pick or grab Trubisky.

Jacksonville could take OJ Howard of Alabama, Derek Barnett of Tennessee or Reuben Foster of Alabama with the 12th selection overall.

New York Jets – New York has four potential players they covet with the sixth pick. One of them, Fournette, may force the Jets to move up. Rumor has it that Deshaun Watson may be the player that coach Todd Bowles thinks will bring this team back to the playoffs. He may be available at number six. So might somebody like Malik Hooker or OJ Howard.

If New York calls Jacksonville to make a trade, it is purely to take the LSU running back. A trade of just two spots won’t yield the Jaguars much, possibly a third round pick. But both teams could solidify needs. The Jaguars could take a linebacker with that pick or select Howard to help the offense.

Carolina Panthers – Head coach Ron Rivera likes a big, bruising running back to balance his offense. The Panthers are one of the few NFL teams that rely heavily on the bell cow back. While Jonathan Stewart has been everything the team has wanted when healthy, look for Carolina to improve the running game.

There is no secret the Panthers want Fournette. However, the likelihood of him being available with the eighth pick is slim. There is the talk of a trade to move up to the number two spot with the 49ers. It hasn’t materialized yet.

Trading with the Jacksonville Jaguars could assure them of Fournette. Then, Jacksonville assumes the eighth position and probably picks up a second-round pick in the process.

Philadelphia Eagles – I know people are going to think I’m crazy. But trading with Philadelphia makes a lot of sense from the Eagles perspective. After free agency that saw Philadelphia sign a plethora of wideouts, taking a running back at number four makes all the sense in the world. There’s been plenty of talk about Dalvin Cook, but if Philadelphia pulled the trigger on a trade with the Jaguars to grab Fournette, this offense could be dangerous in 2017.

This kind of trade comes with a heavy price tag. The Jacksonville Jaguars would get the 14th pick in the draft, possibly a second round or third round pick and a first-round pick in 2018. If the Jaguars are serious about beefing up their offensive line, taking someone like Cam Robinson or Forrest Lamp makes a lot of sense here. Jaguars could also look at linebacker, with Zack Cunningham and possibly Foster still on the board.

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  1. On a positive note, those management teams who drafted Weeden, Manziel, etc., are no longer in Cleveland. When saying “the Browns”…one must consider the components.

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