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Gotham: The Stage is Set To Introduce Harley Quinn At The End Of Season Three


April 18, 2017

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In less than one week, the long wait will be over. So get ready Gotham fans. After a nearly three-month hiatus, FOX’s hit show set in the world of Batman (before he was Batman), is set for its return. The third season’s 15th episode, titled “Heroes Rise: How The Riddler Got His Name” will air next Monday, April 24th at 7:00 pm EST.

So with the show set for its return, it is time to start drumming up some theories. There is certainly a lot going on at the moment. Nygma is well on his path to officially becoming the Riddler. Penguin will surely looking for revenge on the man he was in love with earlier this season. Barbara is trying to gain control of the city. Bruce is set to begin some extensive training. The Court of Owls is lurking along with doppelganger Bruce. As are a handful of other baddies (Fish, Hugo Strange, Mr. Freeze, Firefly and Ivy to name a few).

All of that and we did not even include the show’s closest thing to the main character, Jim Gordon!

But that just goes to show how stacked things are as we head into the stretch run of season three. But there is one element that is getting overlooked completely as a result. And that is the potential debut of a classic Batman villain. One whom fans have fallen in love with, thanks to the lovely Margot Robbie’s portrayal on the big screen. I am of course referring to Harley Quinn.

Let’s start with some comments made earlier this year by Gotham executive producer John Stephens. He said the classic character may be showing up this season. In particular, he mentioned episode 22. That just so happens to be the season finale. That is no coincidence.

The way things are right now, the season finale would be the perfect time to bring in a character like Harley Quinn. There is so much chaos going on right now. But some of those angles will boil over and come to an end in the coming weeks. There are eight weeks left this season. Plenty of time to finish some of the current arcs.

And that brings us to an arc that just finished in January. That would be the three episode stint that saw Cameron Monaghan bring the sadistic Jerome back to life. Side note, Monaghan is fantastic in the role and absolutely crushed it once again.

Jerome is this universe’s take on the Joker. The Joker and Harley just so happen to be linked like no other characters in the comics. Jerome also happens to be in Arkham as of the last episode we saw. May I also remind you that Harley Quinn often starts out as Doctor Harleen Quinzel, who is often found in Arkham.

So let’s put some of the puzzle pieces together, shall we? First off, if Quinn makes her debut this season, there is no better time to do it than in the last episode. This would allow the current storylines to play out, while also dropping a major bombshell for a potential season four. With Jerome in Arkham, we could very well get one more scene with him to close out the season. Putting both characters on screen together before the final credits roll will have fans clamoring for more all Summer long.

This is how I picture it. The last scene of the season. We arrive in Arkham. We see a pair of legs walking down the hall. The shoes and pants indicate the character is female. This mystery woman arrived at a door the says “Restricted”. She opens the door.

The next thing we know, we are at a desk. Some paperwork is shown in a folder. Finally, we get a glimpse of the name in the file. It reads “Jerome Valeska”. The camera pans up. There is Cameron Monaghan, crazy smile and all. He says something charming yet sadistic as he smiles.

The camera then slowly turns. We see a beautiful young (fresh out school age) blonde woman sitting there. On her shirt, there is a name tag that reads “Dr. Quinzel”. She smiles and says “How’s it going Puddin?”.  Cut to the credits.

Tell me that would not have you wanting more?

With a potential season four needing some direction, the introduction of a character like Harley Quinn would be perfect to close this season out. Fans (myself included) have been asking for more Jerome. This would certainly accomplish that.

The stage is certainly set. While there have been theories that Barbara would eventually become Harley, I simply do not see that happening anymore (I used to). Now the writers and producers behind the scenes at Gotham just need to deliver.

Do you think we will get Harley Quinn at the end of this season? Do you want to see her on the show? Tell us in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Gotham: The Stage is Set To Introduce Harley Quinn At The End Of Season Three

  1. I hope the producers will end similar to that prediction, with a young (fresh out of school) Harley sitting across from The Joker. It would be exciting and fun to end the episode with the audience in suspense. Also, it would be a treat to have India Eisley be the actress for Harley Quinn in Gotham.

  2. I would like to see Gotham end there 3 season like that. I’d also would love to see India Eisley play the actress of Harley Quinn.

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