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Free Agency - Wide Receivers
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NFL Free Agency Position Preview – Wide Receiver

Younger Role Players

Kenny Stills

Stills proved to be a great deep option but also a touchdown monster as he had 726 yards and 9 touchdowns. As a 24-year-old receiver with upside, Stills will be a hot name if he enters free agency. The Dolphins will try to re-sign him but teams like the Eagles, Rams, Niners, and Titans could try to bait him in with more money. Stills strangely mentioned he was interested in heading to the West Coast, maybe portraying favoritism for a team he wants to sign within the NFC and AFC West divisions.

Honorable Mentions:

Kendall Wright- Could be a young slot option but has not had that much production on the field. Wright said he wants to move on from the Titans so teams needing a young receiver that does not cost that much could find him intriguing.

Cordarelle Patterson- Used mostly as a return man, the former 1st round pick did improve his hands and route-running but teams will be concerned if he can be a starting receiver. If the Vikings do not resign him, he might get a flier to see if he can develop into a starting wideout. Patterson did open to the thought of switching to running back.

Terrance Williams- After an inconsistent year, Williams was not the main wide receiver as Cole Beasley emerged as one of Dak Prescott’s favorite targets other than Jason Witten and Dez Bryant. Williams could be a #2 receiver for teams that need bodies at wide receiver but Williams does have upside with the occasional great catch as the outside option but has to be more consistent as a starting receiver.

Robert Woods– I think the Bills bring him back, had a better year with Sammy Watkins out most of the time. He was usually the main receiver for the Bills but could be a decent #2 or #3 receiver option for another team.

Kamar Aiken- After a disappointing 2016 campaign and not playing much in the Ravens offense, Aiken could be looking elsewhere in free agency. Aiken can be a decent starter as a #2 receiver but with limited upside.


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