Brick-and-mortar and online casinos virtually operate in the same manner, utilizing the same betting systems. Casinos have only two goals in mind – make a profit and make a customer happy. There is no doubt, an unhappy customer could result in a significant loss for a casino. Since most casinos can support hundreds of players simultaneously, you think one unhappy customer no big deal, right? This is not how casinos see it because one disgruntled customer could be just the beginning. And, no player wants to feel like they are in a tug-a-war match with a casino because the end results would probably not be in their favor.

Whatever the case may be, casinos make most of their profits through the house edge, which gives them a significant advantage over the players. Craps players, on the other hand, make the majority of their profits through true odds, which leaves the house edge at 0%. There is only one exception to this theory, craps betting systems. It always pays to know what you are getting yourself into, at least what you think is about to happen.

How Casinos Make A Profit Through A House Edge

Casinos are hard nuts to crack literally. These organizations have invested millions of dollars in research, as part of an effort to maintain and increase their edge without stepping on toes. Many casinos believe their investment paid off because they have an edge, regardless of the payout. Contrary to belief, the house almost always has a built-in advantage, it is just how these businesses operate.

Casinos utilize a universal payout calculation that automatically gives the house advantage. Thanks to the law of averages, Togel online and other casinos make a profit on every bet, even those with the lowest possible house edge. Is this fair to the player? Well, no one is really complaining. If they were, you would think no one would be visiting casinos. But, this is not the case at all.

House Edge Calculation

 As previously mentioned, online and offline casinos utilize a universal calculation to determine the player’s payout. While it is not necessary for winning, it could play in the player’s favor to be familiar with this calculation. This is no big secret, as casinos do not intentionally conceal this information from players. In fact, most casinos encourage their customers to take the time to calculate the house advantage before each bet. It could seem like forever achieving an accurate calculation in the beginning. But, over time, it will become like second nature or habit-forming.

Firstly, you need to know there are potentially 11 outcomes that range from 2 to 12, with the former being the lowest possible roll and the latter the highest. Now, this is just the basics, so sit tight, you have a way to go before you can call yourself a house edge calculation genius.


 It is almost always in the player’s best interest to take advantage of odds when playing craps. The only exception to this rule is when the player has chosen to utilize a craps betting system. In these cases, the odds have a negative impact on the betting system. Take, for example, the Martingale betting system. It is just not a good fit for craps.


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