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Game of Thrones: Cersei’s Carelessness Will Be Her Downfall

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Characters are dropping like flies on Game of Thrones. All of the Sand Snakes are gone. Ellaria Sand is as good as gone, left to rot away in a dungeon. Lady Olenna went out like a total boss, but nonetheless, is gone. Melisandra and Varys may still be living, but according to the Red Priestess, both of their time is also coming to an end. But one person who is currently thriving is the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Cersei Lannister.

While things may be all good for the Mad Queen at the moment, she should not get too comfortable.

The first three episodes of season three have been very positive for the Lannister side. They have decimated Daenerys’ forces greatly in just a few weeks. Euron has destroyed a good portion of the Greyjoy fleet that was fighting for Dany. He dispatched of the Sand Snakes and took Yara captive. Grey Worm and the Unsullied are virtually stuck on Casterly Rock. And Jamie took out the Tyrell’s.

But this is likely being done to give Cersei and the Lannister’s one last hurrah. With only 10 episodes left in the series (4 this year, 6 next), the field needs to be narrowed down. The last big showdown will likely see the White Walkers take on the joint forces of Jon Snow and Daenerys. In such a scenario, there is no room for Cersei and her evil ways.

And quite frankly, it makes plenty of sense. Cersei’s downfall is coming. To add insult to injury, it will likely be her own doing as well. In the first three episodes of season seven of Game of Thrones, Cersei has been rather careless in several decisions she has made. And it is going to come back to bite her.

For starters, she is putting a lot of faith in Euron Greyjoy. Literally everyone she talks too about Euron, warns her not to trust him. He will stab her in the back when he feels it will benefit him. But she simply does not want to listen. She is blindly saying he is loyal to her, and not thinking twice about it. Factor in she is not giving him what he wants (marriage), until the war is won, he is one step closer to stabbing her in the back.

Next, let’s consider the scene from the last episode when she is in bed with Jamie. There is a knock on the door and Jamie tells her not to get it, as no one can see them in bed together. But Cersei doesn’t care, using the line that she is the Queen. The carelessness that comes along with her ego is on full display here.

Jamie can certainly see it. Ever since he returned to learn of the death of their son Tommen last season, he could tell something was off with Cersei. She is becoming power hungry. And she is making decisions without fully thinking things through.

She also cannot see how her behavior is pushing her brother away. Yes, he still loves her and knows he must stick by her side. But ever episode you can see him growing more and more frustrated with her decision making. This week while she came in looking for some sexy time, but Jamie wasn’t in the mood. But she did not care, as she continued on anyway. If she continues to be careless, she will eventually drive her brother away.

We know it will eventually be one of her brothers that kills Cersei, thanks to the opening prophecy scene from a few years back. Now most assumed that it would be Tyrion Lannister that would do the deed. But the more and more I watch, I cannot help but think it will be Cersei. He will do it out of love, but also out of necessity. She is going mad, and he will need to stop her.

The signs are there. What do you think? Do you think Jamie will eventually have to kill Cersei because of how careless she is getting? Tell us in the comments!

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